Marketing: How To Receive Payments Via Credit Card

Many marketers, including me face issues about receiving our money from people. You'd see your clients moving away and yourself loosing a lot of money just because you couldn't give them a nice method for their payment.
Even our first e-book, Making Millions In Your Dark Room wasn't selling fine until we included many methods of payment and then people started buying and giving testimonies, and we were happy. There we included our PayZa, Payoneer and Skrill emails, including our account numbers. People were paying but it wasn't giving us what we wanted. We were getting foreign clients and they were complaining since PayPal wasn't allowed in my country. This was a major set back and I needed a kind of method through which people could buy my products and get it immediately. I was passing through stress emailing them the e-book after purchases.

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It was then that I came to know about Sellfy. It was of course very nice, and was giving me what I wanted. My only issue with them was that they accepted only PayPal and so I needed an extra option. There was no evil in trying many shops and giving your buyers many options. It was actually the best. If someone didn't have a PayPal account, he would surely have a PayZaPayoneer or Skrill accounts. If he didn't, the he would have to pay with his credit card. That was when I hopped on to Google again.

How Can I Make My Customers Pay With Their Credit Cards After Purchases?

If you don't have a PayZaPayoneerSkrill or a PayPal accounts, you should still be able to make online purchases. If you'd like to create any of them, you can do that through by clicking the one whether PayZaPayoneer and Skrill. I wrote a post on why you should not use PayPal if it doesn't accept your country and you need to see that too. Now the site I found was VoguePay
The first thing I do after discovering such a site was to browse the reviews. I always did that to hear from other people who had used it, and know why they dropped it or continued. After all my researches, I came to find out that people actually didn't rate it bad. It allowed you to create many payment buttons and it was very nice. Their customer care is also very active.That was a huge thumbs up to their credit.

How To Use VoguePay

This is another nice question I needed to ask. I'm the type of guy that likes trying out things first before asking questions and that was what I did. It was when I came to find out that VoguePay was completely self explanatory. I just went to my Google Drive, uploaded my e-book, copied the url, pasted it as the landing page after successful payment and it was all. I can now make money while sleeping. Once you pay, you're directed to the Google Drive's landing page that housed the e-book and then made to download it from there. 
You also had the a chance for putting a url for unsuccessful payments.  That way, the clients can be directed to a page where they can see other methods of payment. You transfer your money to your bank account whenever you feel. Isn't that nice? I think it is actually. All thanks to VoguePay.
Who else has any methods for accepting payments via credit card apart from VoguePay, kindly drop them below as comments. Thanks.
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