How To Sell Your Digital Products Online With Sellfy

How To Sell Your Digital Products Online With Sellfy
I recently came to find out about a site that can help me deliver my products to my clients immediately they pay.
You can sell many products ranging from WordPress themes, e-books, software, videos, musics and many more on Sellfy. They accept anything provided they're within the range of 2GB and of course you're not uploading a wooden table 😊. Most e-books are less than 1GB and same goes to the musics, films and even WordPress and Blogger themes. They host your products, handle the payments and automatically deliver the goods and even give you the choice of setting variable prices. You can keep your price static or keep it at a minimum rate. Sellfy do these for you at a very cheap rate. Of course you don't pay till you sell.

That way, you'd not need an e-commerce website again to run your online marketing. They accept money via PayPal and pay you via same method too. My country doesn't accept PayPal and so I cash out with my brother's account since he stays at India and they accept it there. It helps me sell my e-books to Americans via targeted Facebook ads and I'm making some good amount of money from them. They also have a dope💨 JavaScript buy now button which lead the client directly to your product's page if you don't want to use the link.

The most interesting part is that they have a pro version and a free one. When using the free version, you're allowed to make only uploads but with the pro, it's unlimited. Also, with the free version, they take 5% of your sales while the paid version, they take only 2%. If you've written an e-book and selling it is a problem, I advice you use the Sellfy free version to make your money, then upgrade later on. What more are you waiting for? Click Here to sign up for Sellfy now.

If you want to accept payments via credit card, then I suggest to read this post on how to do that. It will show you how you can be getting buyers pay for your products and get the products instantly, saving you the stress of having to email them. Internet marketing has never been sweeter😋!

Some Popular Sellfy Alternatives Include:

- ClickBank
- CMSmart
- Creative Market
- DMartify
- DigitalGoodsStore
- E-Junkie
- EasyDigitalDownloads
- Envato Market
- FetchApp
- Gumroad
- PayLoadz
- PayToolbox
- Pulley
- Sellwire
- Selz
- SendOwl
- Shopify
- Simple Goods
- WooCommerce
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