Extras: How Do You Spend Your Saturdays?

Saturdays come and go, but we can't boast of an achievement after each one. It's true that the creator made it a day of rest, but what if we can turn it into a day of extra earnings?
What if we can turn it into a washing day? At least a day spent cleaning up wouldn't be called a waste.

Your activities would determine if the day would be a blast. Make it a boring day, and you'd be scared of Saturdays. Make it a nice day, you'd surely expect it in anticipations.

How Do You Spend Your Saturdays?

Let's check out some of these ways of spending our Saturdays, at at the end add ours. It's a personal choice of course, but your guide can help me too.

#1 Visit A Place Of Memory 

This of course s a source of rest. If we can leave our houses to visit a place of memory, it would be nice. Take out your kids to the zoo, let them visit the mall, see the movies or anything else, they would surely expect succeeding Saturdays in anticipation.

Treat Saturdays like they'd never return!

#2 Do Some Cleanup 

What would happen if you took out a day to do the laundry, do the dishes and so on? Well, even a domestic cleanup would be a great way to spend your day.

#3 Do Some Assignments

Well, who doesn't have assignments for the weekend? Even if you don't have, help out the kids.

#4 Work On A Project

I personally spend my weekends working on my new book. I believe this is a dream for anyone else, to be rich and famous. Why not use your weekends to work on a new music, write a new movie, write a new novel or anything else It might change your level.

#5 Surf The Net

By this, I don't mean using the Facebook and WhatsApp. You can go around the net, read stories on Afra Tales, visit some news websites, check out your favorite YouTube videos and lean new stuff. No knowledge is a waste.

#6 Visit A Friend

You can kill the rest-day boredom by visiting a paddy. Only make sure that the day is also free for them, so you'd not be a burden.

#7 Start A New Business

If your work isn't paying you off very well, you can start a new business. You can start any of these 10 profitable business opportunities for Africans. You can start blogging, it needs much time though. 

Never waste your Saturdays, they are precious...

#8 Plan Your Week

The Saturday is a grand day to plan your new week. Schedule posts for your blog and make money while away, prepare food for your week, some food like soup and stew are great for the day. Make them and say goodbye to the midweek stress.

#9 Watch A New Movie

This is nice but shouldn't be done every week. Never spend your whole time on movies, they are just a source of entertainment.

#10 Spend Time With Your Family

Of course this is very critical. Some jobs don't give valuable family time and so Saturdays are a grand opportunity for that. 

#11 Add Yours Below

You spend your Saturdays your way, so you can drop that for us below. Let's share some knowledge.
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