You Too Can Be AN Internet Entrepreneur

Actualizing Your Dreams As A Freelancer
The aim is not to be rich, but to be comfortable and to be comfortable, the cash must be there. 
How many times in life have you Googled, "How Can I Make Money Online?" Huh😖???
Of course Google will never fail to lead you to posts like this 25 Ways To Make Money Online and so many others. 

In fact, this is my favorite post on my blog, Information Guide Africa because it came back with so much feed backs, comments and even emails that I wished the whole world would view it.

It was actually an extract from our e-book, Making Millions In Your Dark Room which also gave us a lot of sales. However, this e-book, Making Millions In Your Dark Room isn't so affordable and not everyone could pay the $9.99 at which I placed it, which even made us reduce the price for some people who had contacted us that the needed it. 

However, we decided to compile another e-book, Actualizing Your Dreams As A Freelancer, specially for those who want to make money from writing. It's not very easy to get clients, and you can bear me witness that Fiverr is a very complicated platform if you've tried it. In other words, not  everyone who is on Fiverr has made a dime from it.

Than is so funny because some people are making as much as $4,000 from this popular site, while others are quitting everyday. This is why we have decided to provide a REMEDY for writers who cannot survive the hustles in Fiverr to also benefit from their God-given talents. 

What do I mean?

You can stay in doors, in the comfort of your homes and make your full salary without having to soil your fingers with scamming or other internet frauds. It's very easy, it's very sweet!

I make $$$ every month online from this website, my other two sites, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even so many other freelancing sites that you may never have had of. 

It's so easy to queue in and WE ARE LACKING LABOR in the internet community which means that if you can be serious today, you too will not have to lack again. 


- A life where you'd not need a sponsor again.
- You can afford everything you need.
- You'd live that life you used to imagine. 
...and best of all, make a living decently from the internet.

It's so easy as I earlier said, you just need a guide and that's why we exist. We'd help you be the next big thing online

What and What Will I Expect To See In This Guide?

- Over 100 websites that would pay you to write for them.
- Some expert-suggested best ways to approach a client and get them
- Websites that'd pay you as much as $100 for a 2000 words article
- Our personal contact to support you on your journey to financial freedom on the net

So how much is this guide?

Well we don't intend selling it out, but we need you to help it reach out to more and more people. It's just to benefit everyone. We'd give it out to you at anything you can afford. PAY ANYTHING!

Than means that if you have $1, you can get a copy and if you have $100, you can still get one. Isn't that good enough? You're just helping us fund the as to reach it out to more and more people, but the e-books are free!

Still Not Convinced
Then check out these posts and I bet they would clarify your doubts. The posts are not the e-book, but will show you what you'd expect to see in the book.
30 Websites That Pay $200 Per Article
25 Magazines And Websites That Pay Well For Regular Contributors
7 Serious Mistakes Every Freelancer Should Avoid
10 Websites That Pay $500 Or More
13 Websites And Magazines That Are Looking For Writers

These are just extracts from the e-book.

What if you cannot write?

Well I doubt if you cannot write. The articles are nothing more than what you wrote in your secondary school days and so I think you should believe in yourself.
There are so many topics you can write on.
Technology Tutorials 
Phone Reviews 
Computer Reviews 
Photoshop Tutorials 
Blogging Tutorials-AdSense
Affiliate Marketing, etc 
Fiverr Tutorials 
Women and their health 
Children and their health
Fashion and so many more. 

So what makes you think you cannot write? We all can. Yes We Can!

What more can I say? We all deserve a copy of this precious e-guide. Anything else is in the e-book. Click here to download your own copy now and thank us later, or you can support us via other payment methods and even bank transfer. Click here now!

Thanks for reading along, if you have questions you can drop them here as comments and please do us a favor by sharing, it will help us a lot.

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