Health: Three Myths On Pimples You Believe But Are Not True

Health: Three Myths On Pimples You Believe But Are Not True
Everyone hates pimples, and at a point in life or the other we experience it though with differences in length. This issues of pimple are so common and really bothers people. However, we have surrounded it with myths that are really very hard to  go with the false treatments our elders are suggesting for us. 
Below are three popular myths that we hear people saying:

Nuts Cause Pimples

Do groundnuts cause pimples?
Says who? Dermatologists have proved that nuts and chocolates don't contribute to pimples. 

They are just a kind of heresy, no evidence to prove it at all. So enjoy your nuts, chocolates and other oily foods not considering it's effects on our smooth face but you can just be bothered by their individual health repercussions. 

Dirtiness Causes Pimples

Do dirts cure pimples?
This is another big lie. Dirtiness doesn't cause pimples, you don't have pimples because you don't bath like your friends who have smooth faces. 
It is very good to be eat, you have to take your bath at least two times daily but bear in mind that it doesn't help cure pimples a bit. 

It only makes the face dry, but does not do anything to reduce the activities of the body's oil glands.  Infact it can increase acne by causing further inflammation and imitations. 

Dabbing Toothpaste On Your Face Can Clear Pimples

This seems to work but it's not true. It can help dry out the pimples because of ingredients like hydrogen peroxide, triclosen, alcohol and baking soda present in it but not made for our faces, they can even cause face burns, rashes and irritations. 

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