How To Give Someone Access To Your Gmail Without Revealing Your Password

How To Give Someone Access To Your Gmail Without Revealing Your Password
Gmail is an email provider that is used by many.
It is popular because of many facts:
- It's very easy to use. 
- It's very easy to use
- It makes online works very easy, with one gmail account, you can use your YouTube, use Adsense, use Google Drive, and most importantly, read emails. 

Most of us have been encountering the problem of giving out our password to someone when the need arise. 

For example, a group I belong to in my school, the UncommonMe International (I and Clifford media directors), the head, Izuchukwu wanted to give us access to the official gmail account and when he gave us the password, gmail, cos of Device and location refused to give us access to the email. So I researched and found out a way of sharing access to your gmail accounts without risk of giving out your password and without stress. 

With this, delegates can read mails, send mails, receive mails, manage contacts and even delete mails in your gmail account without sharing your password. 
It's also good to know that the delegate cannot change any of your gmail settings or (including your password) and will not be able to chat with anybody on your behalf. 

How To Add A Delegates To A Gmail Account

- Go to Settings then click on Accounts and Import
- Under Grant access to your account, click Add another account. 
- You can choose whether messages read by delegates are marked as read or not. 
- Then enter the email address of the person you want to grant access to your account, then confirm that you want to share access
- The delegate will receive an email with a link that they must click within seven days of receiving the email (like how you receive an email when you are invited to have access to a blog or Adsense), or else the offer will expire. You'll know when someone has accepted your request by going back to the Accounts and Import section and you'll see whether or not they've accepted next to the email address. 

NOTE: You can add up to 10 delegates with a regular account and up to 25 with a school or work account. This is a great feature for granting assistants access to your email, or for creating one customer service email to be used by multiple people.
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