Social Media: How To Get A Large Social Media Audience

How To Get A Large Social Media Audience
This is a popular question asked by many people. To be honest, large social media followers or audience doesn't really come easily.
For example, check out all these celebrities and personalities, their social media fame didn't really come like that. They actually struggled for it and many of them actually used bots and fake followers (which is not advisable if you need it for blog traffic). If you really need a large social media audience, and the legitimate way, I urge you to read along as this post is meant for you. 
To start with, what is the use of a large social media audience?

Importance Of A Large Social Media Following 

There are many significant importance of  a large social media audience.
- If you are a blogger or internet marketer, a large social media audience or followers will help you to get more traffic to your site and in turn, help you generate more leads and sales.
- A large social media audience can help you as a good source of income. Yes, just recently, an organization sent me a mail showing their willingness to advertise on our Instagram account, though we rejected the offer (cos our Instagram still has only 2,500 followers and advertising there might not really sound interesting to our followers), we might still go back to it later. This is an evidence that a social media handle can be a good source of income.

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- If you control a large social media audience, things that you say will matter more to people than when you don't. This is like that because people will see you as a big and influential individual
- It makes you happy😆. Yes, imagine coming one day to see that you have gotten up-to 100,000 Instagram followers? I remember when Singer Ycee clocked 1,000,000  Instagram followers, he wore a graduation gown to celebrate it.
You can check out the Nigerian's most influential men on Twitter and Instagram.
We have seen the some of the importance of having a large social media audience, now let's study how to get it:

How To Get A Large Social Media Followers

- Create And Share Sensible And Reasonable Posts

Yes, it really works. If you have a social media account that you update regularly with inspirational, motivational or controversial posts, you'll see that people will start seeing you as a reasonable individual and will start sharing your posts. In that way, you'll start getting a good number of social media fans. If you regularly update your timeline with jokes, people will also be coming to your timeline anytime they are bored to laugh and catch fun. I have a friend Chris that always posts fictional stories on his Facebook group Stories Unlimited and I always go there to read interesting stories whenever I'm less busy and resting.

- Connect To The Right Audience

If you post jokes, or cooking tips, there are many Facebook groups that you. I  earlier said about my friend Chris that posts stories on his Facebook group. Another way to put this into practice is to make use  of hash tags. This works very well in Twitter and Instagram although it can also be applied to Facebook. 

Let's take a look at the following popular Instagram hash tags and number of times they have been used:
#love (1,027,917,810 posts)
#instagood (552,537,705 posts)
#photooftheday (394,332,818 posts)
#beautiful (367,636,422 posts)
#tbt (360,522,758 posts)
#happy (2353,202,629 posts)
#cute (351,930,751 posts)
#fashion (351,195,493 posts)
#followme (326,083,312 posts)
#me (314,611,081 posts)
#follow (311,454,486 posts)
#like4like (306,277,038 posts)
#picoftheday (306,277,038 posts)
#selfie (293,039,427 posts)
#summer (261,573,181 posts)
#friends (258,756,470 posts)
#instadaily (258,189,528 posts)
#girl (244,327,385 posts)
#fun (238,836,598 posts)
#art (233,524,357 posts)

Have you seen that if you make use of these hash tags, people are more likely to notice you often?
but then, there is another issue! They might not rhyme with what I'm posting about, in that case, you can use the following websites to get the right audience: 
Iicono Square: It has a 
- Starter pack  which is $9 per month and allows 1 social profile, 100k followers/fans limit.
- Pro pack which is $39 per month and allows 3 social profiles and unlimited no. of followers/fans.
- Advanced pack $79 per month and allows 5 social profiles unlimited no. of followers/fans. 
You can also click create account to start the free trial of 14 Days. 
Use The Right Hashtags

- Be Active

This is a great secret. The more active you be on social media, the more followers and fans you get. On Twitter, there are many accounts that help you gain followers, all you have to do is to like and retweet the post, the follow the people that did same. 

After some days, you can use free tools like Unfollow Spy and Who Unfollowed Me to unfollow your non-followers, unfollow you unfollowers and follow your new followers
On Facebook, you can also use groups to grow your account, it's all about finding group with common interest.

- Post At The Right Time

You might ask if there is actually a right time to post? Yes, but it's not with the GMT. You decide the right time with yourself. I normally post when up-to 300 of my Facebook friends are online and I know it really works. 
You can visit iconosquare's optimization section, it'll also help you. You can also use a scheduling program like Schedugr.am to schedule posts (for Instagram). 

- Steal Your Competitor's Audience 😀

This is my secret method. I use Unfollow Spy to spy on my competitor's then I comment on their posts, retweet their tweets and also tweet them to follow me back. 
You can run tests to know the people that respond to your competitor's tweets, or show interest in his new products, the the person will also be your client if he followers you, especially if you have something better to offer or you have a cheaper product. 

- Sponsor Posts

This is the last but not the least. Every major social network has a way of allowing the users to advertise their links, products and services through the platform. In Facebook, it's only possible if you have a Facebook page, while in Twitter, Instagram, Linked-In, Pinterest and others, you don't necessarily need to have a special page. 

If this post really helped you, it'll also help your friends. Please do well to share it to them and also, if you have a question, you can drop it as a comment below or contact us and we'll reply asap. 
Thanks for reading along. 
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