Pets: How To Take Care Of Your Puppy

If you are a pet lover like Stanford, then I guess you'd surely love to have a pet. It's not just enough having it, but you have to do things to take good care of the puppy because you are it's god. 

Parenting a puppy isn't a child's play, as they are something more than we see. It is something more than providing a good food, and an interesting accomodation. 
Below are few things among the many, you should do to make your pet an exception.

Tip 1: Get A Good Vet

This is usually ignored in Africa but it is necessary. You have a doctor, so why shouldn't your dog have a vet? Try getting an affordable vet in your locality and register your puppy, so you'd be going on constant check ups in the clinic. This will also ensure that your dog is free of birth defects, diseases and so on.

Tip 2: Take Health Advises 

Your dog will not be the first the vet is handling, so he should be in a better position to advise you. 
- Set up a vet plan for your pet
- Take nutritional advises
- Ask about when you should spay or neuter your dog.
- Discuss safe options for controlling parasites, both external and internal.
- Learn which signs of illness to watch for during your puppy’s first few months.

Tip 3: Shop Quality Food

Don't feed your puppy craps, as you'd not eat craps. Shop for the best of food stuff for your pet and you'd be impressed by their external development, performance and beauty. You should feed them good quality nutritional supplements like kitten milk.
Feed multiple times a day:
- Age 6-12 weeks – 4 meals per day
- Age 3-6 months – 3 meals per day
- Age 6-12 months – 2 meals per day

Tip 4: Establish A Bathroom routine

Know the right time and schedule to clean your pet and stick to it. According to We Love Doodles, know the right time and schedule to clean your pet and stick to it. It should be convenient for you and other people who might also help in the bathing. Reduce contact with other puppies before yours has had all their vaccines as this will also help reduce the spread of diseases.

Tip 5: Watch Out For Early Signs Of Diseases

You should study your puppy to know when they are displaying some early signs of diseases and stop them. It is very important for dog parents to prevent fleas on dogs which prevent many diseases. That way it would be more cost friendly and also eliminate complications or even possible death.

Tip 6: Teach Obedience

Teach your puppy several things concerning obedience, you can take help through searching for Puppy Groomers near me option on google for this.
You can impress your friends if they find out that your pet first start walking, hears, and obeys simple commands like sit, stand, come, go, and so on. It will also help it be under your command at an older age.

Tip 7: Teach Them To be Sociable

At that early stage, after all their vaccines, then let your dog associate with humans and other animals. They would be more friendly for life.
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