Relationships: 10 Ways To Know A Woman Loves You

We all know that girls are hard to be understood, but still, they can be understood if well studied.
Most times ladies show signs when they love someone but these signs don’t too differ from what they do when they don’t have feelings for you at all.
You need to know many things about them, and you also need to study them yourself. All signs show whether or not they have feelings for you, from their eye contacts, to their body movements and even up to their reflexes. They might mirror your movements too unconsciously. You have to look at their stance too. Observe them carefully and you’d never make mistakes.
Here are some proven ways to know a girl loves you:
She’d like to talk to you: This is a major way to know a girl likes you. She would always love to talk and even when there’s nothing to discuss, you both can’t cut the call.
She would like to touch you: A girl who likes you would always like to touch you. You would just notice yourself diverging and dispersing while walking.
She locks her lips: This is a very funny but true way of detecting if a girl likes you. It doesn’t really mean she likes to kiss.
Eye Contact: When your eyes meet, something always happens. You should know what I mean.
She would not like to see you flirting or taking with other girls. Girls are naturally jealous creatures.
She laughs at whatever you say: No matter how dry whatever you say is or sounds, she would still release a laughter or grin. It means she’s happy to see you around.
She smiles at you: When your eyes meet even in the mirror, a smile is released. She would not just do this for anyone else.
She might attack you: This is also a way to know a girl like you. She would do anything to draw your attention including attacking you in public.
- She mirrors your move: You pass and notice that she also passes the place with you. This is not so common, but it’s real.
Look at her stance, they’d tell a secret too. 
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