Possible Questions Asked For A Hotel Job

If you want to apply to be a receptionist in a hotel, then there are certain questions you should expect to see. 
They are not a must, but were compiled from researches and suggestions made by others who have been in the career. From researches, mostly accepted receptionists are females, and the males are mostly accepted to work in the laundry, kitchen, security and some other parts of the hotels. 
This is a very short post and I suggest you join us to the end so you'd not miss out any point.

What are some of the questions?
Let's see them below:
- Have you worked as a receptionist in the hospitality industry before?
- How flexible can you be in your work schedules?
- Why do you think we should hire you?
- How would you handle several customers at a time?
- What quality do you need most as a receptionist?
- How can you improve our services?
- What more can you ell us about yourself?
- What qualities and advantages do you have over other applicants?
- How much do you think we should pay you every month?
- Can you share your strengths and weaknesses with us?

You can add your own questions to your expectations. Never fidget in front of your interviewers. Always prove that you're worth the job. Some questions would go personal and deserve a personal answer. Some might want to know more about your educational backgrounds, do well to share them confidently. 
You should also a good in English Language and a knowledge of some simple computer practices would be an advantage. 

We wish you success in your endeavors and believe that if it's your job, you'd get it. Drop a comment and share this post to reach out to your friends.
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