How I Discovered The Secret Of Money Making Skills

How I Discovered The Secret Of Money Making Skills
I studied the richest people in the world including Aliko Dangote...I started asking myself where is the money....?
Do you know that everyday some big billions and trillions of dollars fly above your head? Maybe this is your first time of hearing that, maybe nay, but that's the truth. 

The fact is that the money is for everybody, but not on a platter of gold. You have to know the right strategies to make money online and you target right.
The richest people in this world make money from people. 
Huh...do I mean ritual killers? No of course. I mean people who have made so much money in the world by providing a service to the world.

Look at Mark Zuckerbeg of Facebook...what is making money for him?... *People*
What is making money for Larry Page of Google?.... *People*
What is making money for the Government?... *People*
What is making money for the banks and other commercial houses? .... *People*
What is making money for MTN network service providers?.... *People*
What is making money for Coca-Cola, Pepsi and their competitors .... *People*
Why is it that Dangote is expanding to African countries ?....he wants to reach more *People* and make more money.

*Money is in PEOPLE.. *People are the custodians of wealth*
**If you come in contact with somebody who says he cannot get *People*... stay away from her or him, he is not a good business partner.

*"Networking is business of people, for the people and by the people . A 21st century business concept, Period.
*I love referring people to what makes money for me, by sharing vital information on how and what I do will help them*
Networking Marketing* is all about social intelligence.
* it's a relationship marketing, be good to people today, they are the one with your money tomorrow.
You too can be the next big internet entrepreneur. It's all your determination that will determine your destination.
Invest in yourself and you'd celebrate it.

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