Case Study: How I Made $25 Writing In A Night

How I Made $25 Writing In A Night
Before we start, how much is $25 in your local currency? I use Naira and it's worth about N8,500 made that in a night and was wowed.
Now sit down and check what you can do with an extra $25, take a deep sip of your favorite drink and sit comfortably😅, this post is really gonna be a bit long.
Let us begin
Can you write? I doubt if there's any who can't do that. Provided you have an average foundation in English Language and can read well, then you shouldn't accuse yourself of the inability to construct quality articles.

Actually, when I started this freelancing career, I never knew that it was lucrative. I had this assumptions that just like any other way of making money online, it required some huge investment. 

I was wrong actually because my only investments were my internet subscription, which was a bit expensive and my time which was even more expensive. My brain storming was even the most expensive and it was a quality investment.

Internet access + Time + Brain = A lot of money

I got my first clients and they were Indians. Their pay was fairly okay and I was getting $5 for each 450-700 words article. My next clients weren't paying that much and I was getting $5 for about 1000 words. On and on I decided to start my own freelancing career. These clients I always got from Facebook and most times I was scammed by my clients. 

In a space of two weeks I was scammed about $120 by two Indians and I quitted.

After quitting, I had a rethink and returned. It was then that I tried Fiverr. Men, Fiverr didn't favor me and I quitted again. You can try Fiverr by signing up here.

I knew that I needed something and I continued with Valued Voice. It was paying me pretty cool but not enough to quit my job. You can give it a try by signing up here

How Did I Make This  Money In A Night?

Most people will not value $25, but for a student it was really good money especially to make in one Night. Blasting News is a site that makes everyone a journalist. I'm one and you can be one too. All you need are the right resources.
Now, Blasting News will pay you to write for them. 

Check out their payment plans:

$3 for each written article
$12 when you generate 1000 views 
Payment is on the 1st of the month after which your article made 30 days. 

This was just what I was told and I started writing for them. I was making $3 per article but not the $12 since I thought it was kinda much and so never worked for that.

What Does It Take To Work For Them?

It costs $$$? Sorry it's absolutely free. Yeah free but not cheap sincerely! Let's take the steps one by one:

1. Sign up for Blasting News by clicking here. You must use the link in order to benefit from the bonus. 

2. After signing up, start writing your first work. You must be very fast because when you sign up with this link, any article you publish within a month will be earn you $5 instead of the normal.
3. There are many things you must know in other to get your work approved:
i) Originality: Any copied item will be detected immediately and after three attempts of plagiarism, you are suspended for two days.
ii) You must include at least two H2 headers.
iii) Grammar must be accurate
iv) You must credit your image source. I normally get mine from Pixabay. It's a free image source and all you do is to credit them.
v) Optimize your title for social shares. Make it as attractive as possible.
vi) Include two links to any two related Blasting News articles.
vi) If it is a news, then credit the source to show it's legitimacy and accuracy.
vii) Article must be more than 450 words or 2000 characters.

4. After submitting your article, wait for about 30 minutes and they will get back to you. If it were published and you signed up through this link, you get $5 immediately. If not, they pay you $3. Congratulations. If it was rejected, they will tell you why and you can still re-submit after corrections. I wish you the best. 

If you fail to meet requirements again, the news is rejected and you have to submit it fresh. They reviews it and approve too. Anything can go in the site, from tutorials, lifestyle, showbiz, news and opinions. Everyone's voice matters here. 

Kindly share to help it reach others. There's love in that. If you are an influencer, or you have some quality and pretty large social media followers, then you might not need to write much. Just a quality article and you can make up to $200 from that. You can hire me to write for you. 

There's a lot of money to be made. 

Before you go:

- Sign up for a free Payoneer card and get $25 sign up bonus.
- Join Valued Voice today and make money from your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram handles.
- Join Blogdash, Izea and Valued Voice and start getting money from your blog today from sponsored posts.

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