Health Benefits And Disadvantages Of Mango Fruits

Health Benefits And Disadvantages Of Mango Fruits
Mangoes (Mangifera indica) are juicy stone fruits found in many different species of trees (tropical). According to collinsdictionary.com, a mango fruit is a large sweet yellowish fruit which grows on trees in hot countries.
It is oblongin shape, and of the cashew family. Mangoes can be eaten ripe, or preserved or pickled. Mango trees have been cultivated in the South Asia for thousands of years and reached Southeast Asia between the fifth and fourth centuries BCE.
However,  it was taken to Mogadishu by Ibn Battuta, a Moroccan traveller. Presently, mangoes can be seen in Africa, AustraliaEurope and the following Asian countries China, South Korea, Pakistan and Bangladesh.
It is also cultivated in the South Florida and California's Coachella Valley of North America.

Amazing Health Benefits Of Mango

Importance Of Mango Fruits

It improves eye sight: Mango fruits are a good source of Vitamin A. Medical research has shown that the presence of Vitamin A in the human body helps prevent night blindness and also enhances good eye sight.

- It helps reduce the body cholesterol: Due to the high level of vitamin C, fiber and pectin present in mango fruits, it helps in the reduction of the cholesterol present in the human body. 

- It helps diabetic patients: Mango helps normalize the insulin level of the human blood. In the traditional settings, you can utilize the mango leaves by first boiling it in water, soaking the leaves over-night and then filtering and consuming the decoction in the morning. Mango fruits also contain a relatively low glycemic index which is between 41 to 60. This is so in moderate quantities that it'll not spike the body sugar levels.

- It improves digestion: Mangoes contain enzymes (organic catalysts that quicken the rate of chemical reactions) for breaking down protein. Like we said earlier, mangoes contain fibres and these fibers also aid digestion. Another fruit that performs this duty is the papayas.

- It boosts the immune system: Due to it's possession of vitamin A, vitamin C and more than 20 different kinds of carotenoids, it helps build the immune system of the body and prevent certain ailments.

Mango is the national fruit of Pakistan, India, and the Philippines, and the national tree of Bangladesh

Other health benefits of mango include:

- It helps fight heat stroke.
- It helps promote healthy sex. This is due to it's content of Vitamin E.
- Mangoes help remove clogged pores and also eliminate pimples from the skin.
- The malic acid,, tartaric acid and citric acid present in the mango fruit aids in the maintenance the body's alkali reserve.
- It helps in the prevention of Asthma.

Disadvantages Of Eating Much Mangoes

- It increases blood sugar level: Mango fruits are rich sources of sugar to humans, however, when taken too much, they turn to excess sugar. People suffering from diabetics are medically advised to avoid eating ripe mangoes.

- It causes diarrhea: Excessive consumption of mango fruits means excessive consumption fiber ans these in turn causes diarrhea. Therefore, excessive consumption of mango fruits is not advisable. 

- It increases weight gain: Being a rich source of body sugar, it is not advisable for people that want to control their body weights.

- Constipation: Excessive consumption of mangoes can cause constipation. If you want to achieve a laxative effect, you should not have more than two mangoes a day.

Precautions To Take Before Eating Mangoes
You should stick to some precautions while taking mango fruits to avoid having serious health complications: 
- Do not drink alcohol and milk 2 hours after taking mangoes.
- Sensitive people should peel the mango skin before taking, this is to prevent mucosa.
- Don't drink water immediately after taking mango, this may coagulate the mango sap and make it more irritant.

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