How To Cure A Headache

Headaches are so common everywhere. Each of us would have experienced it at one point in life or the other.
The head is just pounding and you don't really like it and would want it to stop. According to EveryDayHealth.com, they are the second most common forms of chronic pains. The first being the back pains. 
If you have ever had this experience of headache, you will know how difficult it is to carry our your daily activities with it. You find it very hard to drive, carry out a conversation, work or even walk. Most people just climb unto their bed whenever they get a headache and wait for it to leave on it's on, however you ca do more than that. You can carry out some tips to help you effectively get rid of these discomforting pains.

What are the cures for headaches?

There are many medications that can be used to treat headaches. They range from the common ones like Tramadol to the rarely used ones like Butalbital. 

We can see some of them below:
- Tramadol
- Narcotics, these include codeine, oxycodone, hydromorphone, or hydrocodone.
- Butorphanol (this is a narcotic nasal spray)
- Brutal (this is a barbiturate commonly used together with caffeine, codeine, aspirin and/or acetaminophen.

These medications are not always the best options because they can be abused. You should always get your prescriptions from qualified medical personnel's before you take in any drugs.
The after effects of drug abuse are not so good. Butorphanol for instance should be avoided as much as possible. According to EveryDayHealth.com, frequent usage of these drugs can also cause headaches or more severe after effects.
However, we can get rid of headaches without the use of medications. 

Treating headaches without medications

We can get rid of headaches without taking medications. This will help you minimize your use of these drugs which also have their own negative side effects.
- Watch what you eat and drink: This is the most important. Take in a lot of water to stabilize the body and take enough fruits. The headache might have been caused by a nutritional imbalance.
- Minimize stress: You should minimize stress if you have headaches. Take some rest, stress can also cause that.
- Relax: Meditate deeply, breathe slowly and feel at ease with yourself. 
- Massage your necks and temples: This will help the spreading of blood. They also aid in soothing tension headaches.
- Close your eyes and rest: This is very effective for the treatments of migraine headaches. Stay in a dark room, relax and feel at easy with yourself. If possible, take a few hours of sleep.
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