Writing The Best Content Titles For Your Blog Posts

Writing The Best Content Titles For Your Blog Posts
What if you depend on the various social media sites like Facebook and Twitter for your traffic?
You would have to invest a lot into these sites in other to start generating some good amount of money. You cannot have some three thousand Twitter followers and expect that Twitter handle to be generating 300 post views for you, no, it doesn’t work like that. A Twitter handle of about 100,000 active followers will not give something more than 10,000 daily views because not everyone will actually see your tweets.

It’s said that content is king, but don’t you think that traffic is better? Like imagine writing some hundred dollars worth original and quality article then share it to your seven hundred Facebook friends and relax. Not everyone will be interested in that your topic and not all that are interested in it would see it. At the end you see yourself getting less than fifty post views and you are contemplating to quit your blogging career.

Don’t quit yet, blogging is something more than just writing posts. You have to give your posts quality titles that you too would like to click on seeing them. You can’t expect people to click through “dull headlines” or even return when others share them. You also have to chip in those titles and keywords you assume the people would use in their search engine query.

Include things like, “What killed J.K?”; “How old is J.B”? And “Who are TalkTalkTwins?” etc. The internet is now very competitive and you have to be extra careful to succeed there. No one wants to land in the second page of the Google search results because people rarely go there. Almost all your desired results would have been displayed on the first.
No one fully knows Google’s algorithm and criteria for ranking. All we do is to assume and work on researches. However, there are some people who are experts in search engine optimization that you should contact for your desired results.
Writing The Best Content Titles For Your Blog Posts
Things to consider when choosing your content titles
There are so many things you have to consider first before choosing your content titles. You should check out the length, optimize it for search and social or both and many others.
1.       Your title: That is the first thing you have to look into. How catchy is my title? Make them look uncommon. I remember this YouTube video I was watched titled, “You’d hate Justin Bieber after watching this!” I watched it to see what was up but do you know, I never hated JB after watching that. They told some wrongs Justin actually did, but that was not really enough to hate him. I still play his music of course. Be very persuasive and a bit exaggerative in your titles. If your posts contain news that might have gone viral, then give the heading in a different manner.
2.       Time: Do you know that Google indexes you with time? You should also be careful and very clever in timing. I post videos of music before they are released so that I would be indexed before they are released. Immediately they are released, bloggers would be trying their best to carry it but by then I just edit my old post and I would have been indexed. Once you hear that a musician would send release a video today, write a post with an catch title and wait for Google to do the rest.
3.       Accuracy: You can exaggerate but please do not tell lies. Don’t tell them things that do not exist in the post or they would just visit and never return. This is major reason for your bouncing on your sites. Tell them what really happened in a catchy manner.
4.       Keep it short: This is very essential. Keep your headings as short as possible. Bear it in mind that people don’t really enter long queries in the search engines and so why would you not play your own role well? Researches also show that short content titles tend to do better than the long ones.
Search engine optimization is not really expensive to carry out. You can do it yourself and still make it to the first page of Google and the traffic would be booming. There are so many free tools that can help you achieve these and I advice you use them effectively
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