How To A Get U.S Phone Number In Nigeria

How To A Get U.S Phone Number In Nigeria
As a Nigerian (or any other country) you might have been thinking of a way to get an American phone number, maybe you want to use it to confirm a PayPal account (if your country doesn't fully support it) and other things.

How Do I Get A Virtual U.S Number?

You might have been thinking that it was impossible to get a free U.S number for use. Don't worry, we got you covered, this is just what this post is for. many ways to get a virtual U.S phone number in Nigeria.
There are many apps that serve for this for particular purpose, some paid, some free, and many others claim toy be working when they don't really work.

One of the methods I'm here to introduce to you is TextNow. It's a cross-platform messaging app that you can use to create a get a free phone number. The number can be used to send real text-messages or SMS to phone numbers in United States, Mexico and Canada. 

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How Do I Use TextNow? 

Simply visit Text Now
Click on the sign-up area if your don't have an account already if not click log-in.
Don't use Facebook to sign'up as it can automatically

Just fill in:
- Your Names (first  and last name)
- Pick A Username
- Choose A Password
- Fill In Your Email
- Solve the Recaptcha

when you get to the next page you'll be asked to "Enter Your Area Code"
Simply go to World Atlas and scroll down to your preferred area

Then go back to Text Now and input your area code, then select your desired U.S phone number. 

Congratulations 💨 you have gotten your own U.S number in your own country without leaving your country. 

For more convenience, you can download the free Textnow mobile app to your Android phones. It'll help you to receive push notifications and calls. 

This your new number can be used for verification in sites that support only Americans. 

Disclaimer: The information provided above is for educational purposes only and should not be used for committing crime. The reader is responsible for any crime committed with it.
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