Tips To Help You Stay Safe This 'Ember' Months

Tips To Help You Stay Safe This 'Ember' Months
Yes, I purposely used the term EMBER months. It's a popular term in Africa, immediately we step into September, the rest of the months end with the suffix EMBER and that's what makes it EMBER months.
It's very exciting making it to the September because of the fact that many people struggle to fulfill their goals for the year.
Inasmuch as September is very nice, in many parts of Nigeria, once we are reaching the last ends of the month, different problems start to emerge
- The roads become very busy
- Kidnappers in the quest to ride cars during the Christmas, venture aggressively into their jobs
- Robbers are not left behind
- Also, because of the Election coming up very soon, the areas are not that safe
We have presented some basic things every Nigerian should keep to in other to keep safe and see the New Year.

- Keep Close To Trusted Friends

Yes, there are many cases of kidnapping in this present age so you shouldn't trust strangers. When going to parties, clubs, parks, beaches and other public places, ensure to keep close to your friends. It's very essential.

- Be Safety Conscious

Do you remember in our primary school days when the teacher taught us how to cross the road?
Remember she said "Look left, look right, look left again, if no car is coming, then go!" Yes, now is the best time to apply it. Always be safety conscious when crossing the road. Apart from that, avoid fights.
Remember, during the December harmattan, injuries normally find it hard to heal and are usually more painful.
Imagine in village, while your friends are walking around and playing, you are sitting down one place because of an injury you could have avoided.

- Drink And Eat With Care

You must not eat everything that passes your way. Try to be selective, at least for this season. This will help you in no small way to avoid food poisoning.

- Shop Wisely 

It's very nice to buy things for your loved ones, buy remember to save some money for next year.
Also, big markets like the Onitsha market get much busier during this season. Pick pockets also increase. I remember a case where my Aunt gave a barrow pusher her goods to help her transport to the bus-stop, till today, the goods have not yet reached the bus-stop.

- Plan Your Travel

Don't move to every place without first planning. Yes, there are cases of people that went out to answer calls and they never returned.
You should guide your time with jealousy and also try as much as possible to spend much time with your loved ones.

- Be Careful While Answering Calls

They can call you with a normal MTN number, claim to be someone you know and then tell you to meet them somewhere. Always be wise and safety conscious. Don't listen to any body that calls to tell you that you have won a contract, or that you are his old friend.
They are all scams.
Try as much as possible to take care of your health. Above all, always remember to pray.Whether you are a Christian, Muslim, Hindu, or you belong to the Jewish Religion.
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