How to create high quality backlinks to your blog

How to create high quality backlinks to your blog
With the increase in competition in search engine ranking, bloggers are looking for more effective ways to rank a keyword and building backlinks is very important.
Not just any type of backlinks, but high-quality ones.
Since the search engine ranks your post in accordance to the number of links referring to it, there is a need for we(bloggers) to go out there and build high-quality links to our blog posts.
Here are some of the ways to create high-quality backlinks to your blog
  • Blog commenting
  • Participating in Forum
  • Guest blogging
  • Building internal links
  • Social network sharing.
Blog commenting
You can create quality backlinks to your blog by commenting on other people's blog especially those related to your niche.
It is important to comment on high Page Authority blogs because getting backlinks from low authority blogs is almost the same as having none. Not only does google count the number of links to your site, it also checks the quality of the link and this depends on the Page and Domain authority of the page linking to your blog.

Participating in Forums
A forum is this case, is an online platform where people come together to help each other or share knowledge.
Anytime someone asks you a question in a forum or you write a post, you can refer the reader to your blog post, which is relevant to the answer or post. This does not only gives you backlinks but also drives traffic to your blog.

Guest Blogging
You can write high-quality posts and send to a blog which posts content related to your article to publish on their blog. Most times, these sites reward you with a  dofollow backlink to your blog.
Some blogs that accept guest posts are;
Building internal links
Each and every time you write a blog post, it is advisable to link to other relevant posts you have written in the past because this does not only send traffic to the posts, but it also increases the number of backlinks of the post and this will improve the post ranking.

Social Network sharing
You might have been sharing your blog posts on social networks to drive traffic to your blog, but do you know that this also increases the number of backlinks to your post?
Though most social networks send you a nofollow backlinks, they can still help you rank on search engines like Bing.

I will like to inform you that, when it comes to backlinks, it's not just the number that matters but the quality.
Try as much as possible to see that your guest posts are published on high-quality sites related to your niche and comment only on niche related blogs.

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Kibdo is a young Nigerian blogger and a student of Architecture. He is the Chief Editor of Kibdo a blog based on Blogging tips/tricks, SEO and Smartphones review.
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