Where to Shop Online for Second Hand Luxury Handbags in South Africa

Where to Shop Online for Second Hand Luxury Handbags in South Africa
For many a closet brimming with designer threads and accessories was an unattainable dream.
However with an increase in the number of websites that sells pre owned luxury the unattainable dream now no longer seems unattainable. Pre owned or in other words ‘Pre loved’ luxury designer fashion is not only affordable but also sustainable. From clothes to handbags, from Louis Vuitton to Chloe you can find almost anything on websites that buy and sell pre owned luxury. 
Top level fashion houses seldom go on discounts, and in the case of Louis Vuitton it never goes on a discount. Therefore, for most who cannot afford to buy handbags or accessories form these fashion houses, the concept of pre owned luxury is quite frankly a dream come true.
In South Africa, the concept of the ‘circular economy’ has been accepted by many smart shoppers. Luxury items are crafted from expensive and long-lasting materials thus one can be sure of the longevity of a luxury fashion item. Unlike the linear economy when one just buys the item and then keeps it to herself, the Circular economy allows people to sell the item in their possession. This helps in reducing the environmental impact the fashion industry has on the already fragile ecosystem.
My Luxury Bargain a website that sells authentic pre-owned luxury handbags and accessories has environmental sustainability as its core philosophy. The Founder Raghavendera started the company in 2016 and within a year expanded to four more countries including South Africa. He says that pre-owned luxury gives people the benefit of owning expensive items with reduced personal as well as environmental burden.

What also impresses online shoppers about the website is the ‘Negotiate” button that each product has on its page. The feature allows potential buyers to bargain the price of an item with its sellers. “It’s a way of bringing the online world closer to the brick and motor world. We see buyers and seller reach common ground on the price of an item much faster” as explained by the founder of the website.

Our team visits My Luxury Bargain every day and has come across some truly unique and amazing handbags. For instance, found a Chanel Black and White Sequin and Tweed Flap Bag which is a rare handbag and a definite collector's item. Trust us one look at this website will truly change your perception about luxury fashion and the best part – the website is addictive.

So the query where to shop online for second hand luxury handbags in South Africa will surely end here.
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