Blogging | All You Need To Know About PPC (Pay per click?)

Blogging | All You Need To Know About PPC
The simplest way to explain what PPC is is an example: if your company wants to advertise on the Internet, you hire a campaign in some online medium or web platform through PPC mode, so that each time a user clicks on your ad, you are deducted a predetermined amount of money.

The price paid for each user that enters your website through this ad is called cost per click.

The idea is to buy visits to the site you want to promote instead of waiting for them to arrive organically and the purpose is to get new customers for your products or services, looking to increase sales. The important thing is that it will only be paid when the ad is actually clicked. If it was only deployed and did not get results, the cost will be zero.

In the case of Facebook, companies agree on a price per click with the platform and determine a group of people to whom the ads will appear based on different segmentation criteria such as location, language, gender and interests. 

The most popular PPC platform in the world is Google Ad words; it is the ads that are displayed above and on the right in the results of that search engine to users who did a search with keywords related to marketing campaigns. 

Google is responsible for selecting which advertisers appear in the results of each search based on an auction and an algorithm that rates the ads according to their effectiveness and relevance in relation to the term that has been searched.

What are the benefits of PPC marketing?

The main advantage is that it is a type of direct marketing, where you only pay for real results, that is when a user clicks. In addition, in the case of platforms such as Ad words, we can locate our products directly in front of interested people who are looking for them, who are users with a high propensity to buy.
All You Need To Know About PPC
PPC Marketing reveals important information about the effectiveness of an ad: it is easy to measure the attention and interest that is generated through the number of clicks made on the deployments or impressions that have been obtained. The campaign can last a short time and if something does not work, it is always allowed to make changes on the fly, optimizing the ads and adjusting the budget.

Pay-per-Click campaigns are preferred by those who offer a service or product that can be purchased online on a web page; an e-commerce site is a very good example since the conversion of clicks to sales is very direct and easy. 

Other companies can direct their campaigns to contact forms, obtaining information from clients interested in their products or services, and then communicate and make sales.

How to create and optimize a PPC campaign in search engines?

To design a campaign it is important to pay close attention to keywords or keywords are chosen: it is necessary to do an investigation to see if they are indicated. This can be done, for example, through Google Trends, a tool that will let you know how users are searching. 

It is also key to know how to organize these terms and then the link leads to a page designed for the user to perform an action, such as buying a product or contracting a service. The optimization of landing pages is a key factor in generating sales.
All You Need To Know About PPC
As this system is very useful for a newly created company when it needs to make itself known quickly and communicate its products. There is no perfect system, and although Google has many detractors, the natural positioning, Seo, takes time and Ad words allow you to compete from the first day on equal terms with companies of any size and age of the sector. 
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