Blogging | Dramatically Reduce Your Alexa Rank

Blogging | How You Can Dramatically Reduce Your Alexa Rank
Many bloggers [like me too] are looking for ways to dramatically reduce our Alexa ranks, and move from at least 14,000,000 to 900,000.
Well, it's not magic. This blog is less than six months old, but it has an Alexa rank of 991,498 as at the time of writing this post. It wasn't built unconsciously and it's not actually the best.
I have a friend whose site reduced to 800,000 Alexa in less than three month of launching it. Two weeks ago, my own site was 12,000,000. I checked it and took the challenge of building it up, now it has greatly reduced, and I still have the target of taking it to less than 500,000.

So before I start, what is Alexa ranking?

According to Alexa Blog:

Your Alexa Rank is an estimate of how popular your site is relative to all other sites.
The rankings are uploaded on a daily basis, and researches show that if your site is greater that a million Alexa, they are updated less often.
Black hat hack to reduce Alexa rank
Alexa works by a tool bar, you install it to your Google Chrome browser and can use it to check the Alexa rank of any site automatically. If you do not have one already, you can install it now by clicking here.

How To Automatically Improve Alexa Rank 

Let's check out this ways through which you can magically improve your Alexa rank, they worked for me, they are still working for me and I hope they'd also work for you:

#1 Install Alexa Tool Bar

Blogging | How You Can Dramatically Reduce Your Alexa Rank
Don't mind the other rankings, it's actually a new site and everything works with time. Installing the Alexa tool bar does so many things to you.

  1. It gives you that consciousness that you're actually hustling for something. Yeah! I visited a friend's blog and I saw an impressive Alexa rank. Men I was motivated and I checked out on his back links sources, WikiHOW was there. It was then that I discovered that WiKiHOW was actually giving back links and I rushed to grab mine too. 
  2. Alexa collects your data from there with which to rank you. If you're constantly visiting your site and you have this tool bar, Alexa would also include this in their ratings and you'd see yourself going higher.
So How Do You Install This?
  1. Visit the Alexa Tool Bar installation page or visit them on the Chrome Store [Google Chrome users].
  2. Click on Install Alexa Tool bar
  3. Install it and you're done.

#2 Install Alexa Widget On Your Site

By installing this you're aiding Alexa track your site users even more. This is because your mobile visitors are not captured by the tool bar, and they are always the biggest. When you install this, you've also aided Alexa in tracking your mobile visitors. 
That way you'd in little time get to your desired Alexa rank.
How To Add The Alexa Widget
Add the following code to your site, replace www.infoguideafrica.com with your own site's url and it's over.

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#3 Write Unique Contents

This is very essential. You must be unique in other to get good visitors and in turn boost your Alexa ranking. Remember that search engines are in love with unique contents, and in turn help you get traffic, which will automatically boost your Alexa rank.

Another reason why you should write unique contents is that people are tired on seeing the same posts on Nairaland.com, Lindaikejisblog.comNaijaloaded.com, Somtoo.com, Lailasblog.com and still seeing them on that your small upcoming blog. It's very difficult to be unique as an entertainment blogger, but why not limit your news? Why not post a maximum of maybe 15 articles, then edit them to suit your style and bear your voice and that way you'd make it. No one wants to see your 50 unquality articles more than 3 quality ones. In fact, some blogs like Mazinoweb.com, Ogbongeblog.com, Shoutmeloud.com and so many other non-news bloggers don't even update everyday but they are making real cash from their websites.

Tell people your opinion about the politics, entertainment, religion and any other niche you're interested in. Tell them what you think about P square's quarrel, what you know about Clifford and Stanford's blogging career and your opinions on other matters. They'd be rushing down to your site to hear you talk on the ther matters.

#4 Write Content Regularly

Even the most loyal of your visitors would stop coming if you don't update after a while. The more you post, the more your views and the lower your Alexa. 
Remember that your readers are people like yourself too and they love fresh contents. I better sell off a site than abandon it. Even the domain authority and the page authority would soon die off if you don't maintain by constantly posting and getting traffic.

#5 Share Your Posts To The Social Media

You need to share your post and also install tools like AddThis that would also help your readers share them. Of course you can improve your shares by writing quality contents and also a call to action after all your articles.
That way people would enjoy reading and drawing more visitors to you by sharing. Bear it in mind that people love growing their tweets and engaging their Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media friends and fans. Imagine if I see your quality post and share it to my 53,504 Twitter fans or my 89,378 Facebook followers, you'd get a good amount of traffic from that.
There's no better way people can reward you for quality posts rather than sharing your posts, and you need to call-them-to-action before they can do that. Install nice sharing widgets on your blog and you see your Alexa improving.

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