Wix VS WordPresss - Which Is Better?

Wix VS WordPresss - Which Is Better

There are many number of web publishing solutions that exists in the market.  So, therefore, on simplicity standpoint of view “Wix” and “Wordpress” are some of the best in the market which can be considered. 
No sooner, than the Wix has been launched, many controversies and debates that have taken place whether is is overshadowing Wordpress.  Hence, it is crystal clear that without specifying the user market and inclined reasons, recommending anything is literally meaningless.  Here, this topic is going to highlight regarding the pros and cons of each platform

1. Ease of use: “Wix” contains a visual, intuitive and user-friendly interface, with which a lot of dragging, dropping and clicking can be done.  Wix is very fast and flexible in designing and publishing the site, though there is no idea about making of the websites.  In addition to it Wix has re-iterated new revolutionary solutions viz; WixADI [Wix Artificial Design Intelligence], which is presently available for the most part of website templates.  To name a few Business, Blog, Portfolio & CV are among them.  The strength of Wix lies in keeping the things extremely easy regardless, the website creation stage, the user is at-whether the user is creating an account, adding a new blog post, changing the background on the home page or connecting a custom domain.  Kudos, to wix, for its visual interface.

“Wordpress” is hard to use than Wix.  Since, it lacks in providing methodology of work flow likewise in wix.  So, as a result a beginner has to strive hard to learn it.  Wordpress abstains from taking visual approach.  Hence, coding may be needed for the making of customization ‘s.

Wix vs Wordpress
The user who knows to use a mouse can definitely build a sit with wix which is easy, fun and frolic and also requires no training.  But, whereas, with Wordpress at least a basic knowledge of HTML/CSS is needed.  While Wix is updated automatically because the hosting is included, Wordpress users have to find a web host and update their software manually.

2.  Feature set and flexibility: Wix is an inimitable site builder that gives support for blogging.  It has a combination of various free and paid ons termed to be as App Market.  Some of these applications are developed by Wix.  The following enumerated points are the Wix’s embedded features:

eCommerce” is a multiple payment option which generates coupon codes, tax management, product options etc;  Wix’s Commerce engine is designed exclusively for the sake of smaller shops.

Blogging” scheduled posts, featured posts, Facebook comments, blog archive and tag clouds.

Forum” Can create a simple Forum within the wix website.  Managing it wisely, results in receiving own website community that.

WIX Shout out and Smart Actions” User's wix website allows easily gather information for the visitors since, they interact to the site.  All their information is automatically saved to the Contacts section in the dashboard.

Wordpress: “Wordpress” commenced as a blogging platform.  It has quickly developed from this single and main purpose and metamorphosed to an inimitable program for creating various websites, ranging from portfolios to web stores.  Kudos to number of plug-ins which can add any kind of functionality to the site.  Social plugins, commenting systems, SEO packs, safety plugins and much more are available here.

Wordpress vs Wix 
Wix offers approximate perfect combination of flexibility and ease-of-use.  This is difficult to reach with Wordpress CMS.

3. Designs: Wix enables to select hundreds of beautiful, fully customize the templates in over 70 industry categories.  There also exists one page templates and blank templates, which foretell the future site’s structure, but , they contains no content in them.  Wix templates are undoubtedly beautiful.   All wix templates are mobile cordial.

Wordpress themes are free and paid themes. To find best Wordpress themes there are two places.The “Wordpress.org theme directory” and “theme shops”.  Wordpress  doesn’t support WYSIWYG editing unlike Wix.

Wix vs Wordpress 
Wix’s themes can be customized in a WYSIWYG editing environment.  But, whereas, in Wordpress without possessing a basic knowledge of HTML/CSS, it is almost impossible to get the desired look.

4. Customer support: Wix is having a large support center. It constitutes nearly 262,000 topics posted in the official forum, hundreds of video tutorials and walk throughout email support along with an entire education program WIXED. There exists many prompts in the editor itself.

Wordpress does not give a room for any trouble in finding Wordpress experts. There is also a huge community of webmasters specializing in wordpress.  But there is no official support staff.

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Wordpress vs Wix 
Wordpress is widely used. One can find hundreds of blogs, communities and you tube channels which are dedicated to this CMS. But, there is no direct email to call for help. Wix provides direct help and runs an extensive knowledge base.

5. Pricing policyWix is a site builder at which one can create and publish an ad-supported website with a free account. There exists five paid versions viz; Connect domain, Combo, Unlimited, eCommerce and VIP. These are discounted if user decides to choose to pay annually.

Wordpress CMS itself is free. But, in order to get it published it is required to purchase a hosting plan.

Wix vs Wordpress 
Wix plans for covers hosting, themes and free extensions.  But, whereas, Wordpress is free and the cost will depend on the number of plugins that the user needs. Wordpress also need to hire a developer for the sake of deep customization.So, therefore, the total cost of Wordpress website may goes to reach hundreds of dollars.

Even though Wordpress looks more powerful than Wix, the user still required to learn a lot of HTML/CSS to get through with this CMS. The Wordpress is a smart decision if agrees to spend time and make a good effort. It is to be noted that Wordpress needs constant maintenance and may be things can get very technical very quickly.  Whereas, Wix has done all the heavy lifting to the user.  All that is required by the user is to upload the content and slight customization.  It is easy fun and effective.

Editor's Review: This is a guest post and the opinions stated above might not be that of the InfoGuideAfrica's Team.

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