How To Maintain Online Safety In Nigeria

How To Maintain Online Safety In Nigeria
Good day friends. Hope you're having a nice? Yea, I can feel the smile in your faces. Today, we'll be looking at what you need to do whether as a blogger, social media user, online worker, or even a normal internet user.
Staying safe online is a priority and we all should pay apt attention to it. For instance, in 2016, around 32 million Twitter passwords were leaked, and it was said that the Twitter system had been hacked, but Twitter denied it, saying that the password leaked from a malware sent to people's personal computers and not through the Twitter system.

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So we have seen it, if a whole Twitter can be said to be hacked, then, what should we do? So, I'll be presenting some important things we need to do as internet users to ensure we keep safe and also keep out private life private. 

1) Passwords Matter A Lot: I've written a post on in-secure passwords you should avoid as a blogger and I'll love it if you read it, it'll help you in a great way. I'll give us a few tips to help us choose secured passwords whenever we want to create one. 
- Avoid using your pet's name as a password. 
- Avoid using your name (first name, middle name, last name, nick-name)
- Avoid using your friends' names

- A mixture of special characters, alpha-numeric characters, and more
- Confusing names eg. SaltyHammer2235
for more killer tips, please consult this post.
Also, if you are a kind of person that easily forgets his/her password, it's very important that you write them down somewhere in a code.
Also, periodically change your passwords. This will act like a kind of preventive measure.

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2) Bloggers, website designers and programmers, use HTTPS: Some people think that this is not really necessary, but it is. If you notice, of recent times, if you enter a site that is HTTPS enabled and want to fill any form (eg. comment), something will pop-out on top showing Not Secured. Just that alone can chase away your potential buyers, have you seen the need that you, as a blogger shuld activate your site security. 
If you are in the blogger platform, Google has provided a free HTTPS for you, all you need to do is to go to your settings to activate it. 
The rest (including Blogger), you can activate yours with cloudfare. If you need help activating your HTTPS, you can contact us for that. 
Also, as an internet user, only submit your passwords to trusted and secured sites. This makes them less prone to hackers. 

Encrypting your emails is also necessary for protecting it from hackers. An example of a site that does that is  Hushmail. It's providers offer built-in PGP email encryption which keeps your email secured.

3) Always use two-step verification: Many people ignore this but it's very necessary. You can put your mobile number or email as the recovery code. If it's your mobile number, be careful not to give any un-trusted fellow your phone. 
Some internet fraudsters can also scam you from that.

4) Add yours.

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