5 Uses Of The ATM Card You Never Knew About

5 Uses Of The ATM Card You Never Knew About
Do you know that there are so many things you can do with just an atm card?
That little flat card you're holding there can actually do beyond the withdrawal limit they specified there. It can do a lot more than cash transfers and withdrawal. 
This post will not be too long. You can follow it and you'll be amused at the much you never knew.

1) Customer Update: You can update your phone number right from any ATM machine near you. The data will be updated instantly!

2) Intra-bank and Inter-bank Funds Transfer: Gone are the days when you go to the bank hall to transfer funds. Now you just slot your card into the machine and boom, your transactions are done in 5 minutes with good network.

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3) Western Union: You can receive your Western Union funds directly into your bank accounts via your atm card.

4) Payment Of Bills: You can pay your bills through your atm cards. These include electricity bills, toll, cable tv bills and so many more.

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5) Cardless Withdrawal: All thanks to technology, you no longer need a card to withdraw. This defers with banks, ie *737# for GTB and so on. Dial your banks' short code and follow the instructions.

Now that you've seen these, it's your turn. Add any other functions we skipped in the comment box below and please, SHARE!
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