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Where You Can Buy Twitter Verification Cheap
We all want to have that small blue tick on our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media account pages but not everyone is a superstar.
We are here to talk about getting a Twitter verification badge today and we will keep the Instagram, Facebook and other websites for another day.
Now to start with, what is the verification badge all about? Well, it is a verification process as the name is. It is to show that you are actually the real celebrity people know and all other accounts are fakes. It is just an evidence that you are the real you! Now check a popular figure like Justin Bieber on Twitter, you'd surely be amazed at the number of similar names to his that have been taken as his. You will see names like @JustnBieber, @JustinBiiber, @JustinBeiber, @JustiinBieber and all the rest of them. Not everyone will be able to know the real Justin and the fake accounts can scam with his influence.
After such incidents, social media websites introduced the verification process to help the masses and fans know whom their real icons are.

However, we all deserve to be verified, at least as far as you've got something doing. Musicians, actors, bloggers, pastors, politicians and everyone else deserve a blue check beside their names since that is actually their accounts or don't you think? It was on the consideration of this that Twitter made open their platform for application by everyone. They provided a platform through which everyone  can apply and if lucky enough, be verified.
Despite the provision of this, they do not approve all applications. They have some standards which you must match to be able to earn you a verification. After not succeeding, what do you do? Quit??
No, there is still another option. Sorry, there are still other options, let's see them below.

How To Get Yourself A Twitter Verification Free

We have discussed the free methods above, now it's about paying to get them. The pricing is not less than a thousand dollars, at least the minimum I have seen, but there are other options.

- Bribe Twitter

Lol... have you  seen an option on the Twitter website to bribe them? No, me too, I haven't seen any. When I mean you should bribe Twitter, I didn't mean that you should pay them and say hey verify my account, I'm worthy.
There are other ways to do that. When you spend a lot of money in running of Twitter ads, they can reward you with the verification badge. When I mean a lot of money, I mean at least $15,000.
If you can afford that, then you can promote your account or business with them. You gain the followers, sales, traffic and also a blue check.

- Hiring People To Do It For You

Actually no one can assure you of followers, at least if they are not the company or website giving the badge. Beware of scammers. However, they can give you shoutouts and mentions in popular websites and wikis which will tell Twitter that you are a household name and in turn earn you the verification.
It is under hiring people that we talk about buying of the Twitter verification. You can do that from a site like Fiverr and so many other job boards. 

- Do It Yourself

If your phone number, email and other data are up to date, then you can try your luck. Go apply for the verification. Make sure to fill up all the questions they ask to increase your chances. Make your account look as professional as possible. It will also improve your chances. In all, you must have good number of followers, at least two thousand will be ok. I have seen accounts verified at that.
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