30 Career Options in Data Analytics Apart from Data Science

Career Options in Data Analytics Apart from Data Science
Data science, as a field of profession, has grabbed a lot of eyeballs in the past few years since it was declared the highest paid profession in 2016 by Glassdoor.

Perhaps, you didn't. Don't be embarrassed, half of the world did not know it until some time ago. If you have acquired data analysis skills or in the process of learning it, you may be glad to know that there are plenty of interesting data analytics jobs that aren't data scientists. While the majority of the data analytics experts are competing to land a job in data science, you can choose an alternative option that is equally cool.

30 Data Analytics Careers besides the role of a Data Scientist

- Economist:

The role of an Economist involves the study of creation and transfer of wealth. Economists are valued by the government very much, and nowadays they are shining in the industries like academics, banking, healthcare, agriculture and law as well.

- Market Researcher:

A Market researcher has always been considered as a valued member of a company as he/she helps prepare an effective marketing strategy to engage more customers. The function of a market researcher involves investigation of the consumer behavior, latest trends and several other elements that influence the sales of the organization.

- Quality Engineer:

The role of a quality engineer is earning more value in the professional field with time. Quality engineers have already established themselves as a crucial part of the industries like manufacturing and healthcare. And as they continue to use statistical process control and other significant methods to improve the business and production process, their demand is only going to increase from here.

- Data Journalist:

It has been seen that a number of reporters are getting formal data training before joining the professional field. Since the incidents like data leaks are becoming more frequent, more and more investigative journalists are acquiring data analysis and programming skills to get to the depth of a story.

- Population Ecologist:

As per the celebrated biology journal, Nature, the study of population ecology involves understanding, explaining and predicting species distribution. In other words, the role of a population ecologist is to identify the factors that influence the size of a population and determine the mechanism and dynamics or those factors.

- Computer Security Analyst:

Computer security analysts usually protect the computers, software, networks and other related systems from the online threats and similar kind of issues. This requires data analysis skills as well as programming skills to accomplish the given task that is to ensure security in the cyberspace.

- Rocket Engineers:

Rocket engineering, as one can guess, is a discipline of aerospace engineering that is dedicated to designing, building and maintaining a spacecraft. Most people call the professionals of this field rocket scientist, but sadly, that's not a right job-title for the job. The job-title varies depending on the purpose of the job. At times, it is referred as a rocket engineer, and at times just plain and simple propulsion engineer.

- Climatologist:

The job of a climatologist is to study, explain and forecast the conditions of the earth’s atmosphere. Their work helps predict the factors like temperature, precipitation and wind. This field of expertise is quite significant, as it helps us to acknowledge the risks of unfortunate events like the drought or floods, plan activities accordingly (like the fishermen need to know about the weather before they set sail), and the impact of the climate on the crops.

- Criminologist:

A criminologist studies and develops the understanding of crime, criminals and the law enforcement. The profession is derived from the field social science, and it focuses on the psychology and sociology of crime to interpret the criminal behavior among people, without the help of physical evidence.

Real Estate Appraiser:

The role of a real estate appraiser, as one can guess, is to estimate the value of a particular property. It can be land, a building or other structure. The real estate appraiser helps a party make better decisions in the context of a real estate transaction, tax assessment and even mortgage loan applications.

- Litigation Support Specialist:

A litigation support specialist works with an attorney and helps him/her find relevant information in the room full of documents. In today's digitized world, the work of litigation support relies a lot on the e-discovery where they make use of a particular text analysis software that reduces the workload of finding the relevant documents.

- Cost Estimator (Quantity Surveyor):

A cost estimator’s job is to gather and evaluate various data to predict the cost of an on-going project. This kind of professionals is being used quite frequently in the industries like construction, manufacturing and several other areas.

- Operations Research Analyst:

The operations research analysts are receiving a good amount of appreciation for their roles in various industries, including logistics and transportation, defense and insurance. Their function is to use mathematical methods (like optimization and simulation) to help enhance the efficiency of the business process.

- Actuary:

Actuaries are considered the heart of the insurance industry. However, their significance in the financial services industry, consultancies and large corporations is also growing exponentially. Their role is to use data and analysis to predict and manage risk.

- Psychometrician:

Data analysis is now being used to perform psychological measurements as well, and the professionals who perform such tricks are recognized as Psychometricians. These professionals usually work towards measuring a person’s skills, intelligence and personality traits by analyzing their behavioral psychology. It is much like the job of a criminologist, but the purposes of these two specialists vary at certain levels.

- Industrial Mathematician:

Industrial mathematicians look over a number of issues that involve the industry they serve. They generally specialize in the private sector applications like media, finance, transportation and more. Among all the skills that are required to become an industrial mathematician, the expertise in operations research and statistics is worth the mention.

- Mathematical Physicist:

A Mathematical Physicist works on the lines of the mathematics practices that are used in the study of Physics. If you love solving mathematic equations for fun, then this is the job for you. It is the job of a mathematical physicist to improve the math that is used in the study of Physics and strive towards making that math as precise as possible.

- Epidemiologist:

Epidemiologists are researchers who study various diseases. Their job is to find when a disease occurs, where it is happening, what is causing it and what can prevent it. They are one of the reasons why medical science has evolved over time. The profession focuses on evidence-based medicine, not presumptions.

- Forensic Accountant:

Forensic Accountants are the people who exercise the skills in accounting, investigation and analytics to find the truth. Their skills are often utilized to evaluate financial records and accounts, which can then be valuable as evidence. A forensic accountant usually works in the areas where they can be used to verify the legitimacy of personal injury claims, insurance claims etc.

- Quantitative Analyst:

The quantitative analysts are data analysis professionals who hold expertise in studying and analyzing various factors to predict changes in the field of finance. With their skills, they help forecast the changes in the valuation of financial instruments like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc. They play a crucial role in ensuring profits in financial investments and the management of risks.

- Cryptographer:

The Cryptographers play a crucial role in intelligence agencies and the military, as we have seen in the movies or television shows. Their job is to create and decipher encryption codes. They also assist in developing computational models, which allows them to solve various issues in business, engineering, science and other major industries.

- Biostatistician:

Biostatisticians have a bigger role to play in the field of medicine and other life sciences, which include public health, biology and epidemiology as well. Like the other professions in the line of data analysis, the job of a Biostatistician also involves statistical analysis to comprehend crucial information. Here they use it to research, plan and evaluate clinical trials and other research in healthcare and environmental science.

- Geneticist:

While a biologist’s study revolves around a vast area of the biological sciences, a geneticist’s work focuses on the specified field of genetics. It is the job of a geneticist to study the inheritance of traits. In this particular field also, some people conduct their research on molecular-level detail, while some choose to study at the level of an individual organism or even the whole populations of a species. Their work has applications in medicine, environmental sciences and even agriculture.

- Political Scientist:

A role of a political scientist transcends beyond the academics. Their skills to analyze data and derive information are often utilized by the governments and policy makers. Political scientists are the people who analyse the political scenario and recommend necessary changes to their employers, who are often the people running the government.

- Survey Researcher:

The role of a survey researcher, as you may have guessed, is to plan and conduct a survey and analyze its results. Surveys play a crucial role in deriving crucial information concerning a particular demographic. As the competition grows more intense in the market, businesses are taking the help of survey researchers more often than ever to predict the latest trends in the marker. Besides, the skills of a survey researcher are also getting a lot of appreciation in the field of politics, academics and governmental practices.

- Security Trader:

A security trader buys and sells stocks, and other financial instruments (like bonds and derivatives) for his/her employer or oneself (if he/she is working independently). With their skills of data analysis, security traders evaluate the value of these instruments and predict what value they may carry in the future.

- Cartographer:

The job of a Cartographer involves developing, disseminating and studying the information about the field of study, geography. There are various sub-categories in the in this profession, including mapmakers, and map researchers. In fact, there are cartographers among the creators of geographic information systems and other related professions.

- Hydrologist:

Hydrologists, often termed as Hydrographers, are the professionals who investigate the various aspects concerning water. They conduct their research on aspects like the properties of water, where it is found, how it is distributed and how it moves around the earth. Their research helps authorities locate water when it's needed and also to safeguard the quality of it at all cost.

- Sports Data Analyst:

With the increasing popularity of sports (of all kind), the competitiveness in the field is also growing pretty fierce. This is one of the reasons why now the teams focus on the strategy based analysis. Here comes the part where a sports data analyst has a crucial role to play. With their skills of data analysis, they help a particular team during recruitments of players, game plan and even on training the players.

- Nuclear Engineer:

In order to reduce the risk in complex systems, used in nuclear industry, the experts perform a number of measures including probabilistic risk analysis (PRA), a modelling and simulation technique and a lot more. A nuclear engineer is a professional who not only holds expertise in these methods but also helps to develop and use specialized models and software to improve the power plant design and operations.

Well, the list does not end here. There are plenty of other career options to explore if you have mastered the data analysis skills. Yes, the job of a data scientist is always fascinating as explained by Assignment Help Expert, but as you can see, there are plenty of other cool areas where you can exercise those skills effectively.

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