How You Can Build .edu And .gov Backlinks Through Commenting

How You Can Build .edu And .gov Backlinks Through Commenting
We all know that to appear in search engines, you need backlinks, and not just that, very quality backlinks.
There are so many extensions from which you can get backlinks, .com, .net, .com.ng, .org and so on but the search engines seem to give greater preferences to .gov and .edu backlinks.
They really leave a great impact on your seo.

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However, finding edu and gov websites to drop your comments on is not as easy as eating cookies. It really needs great hard work but we're going to make it very easy in this post.
At the end, you will see how easy it really are to increase your blog's ranking.

How To Build Backlinks With DropMyLink
DropMyLink is a backlink builder that aids you build backlinks on autopilot. It makes the whole process very easy and will build your backlinks very fast just as Links Management does.

Steps to follow:
1. Visit www.dropmylink.com. Signup for an account and confirm your email. After that, log in.
2. Click on 'TLD', choose your choice extension and input a keyword in the search section.
3. From the first category, select 'blog comments' and the second dropdown select 'wordpress'. No of comments = 1.
4. Click on search. This will make a quick Google search on blogs using Wordpress as their blogging platform and allow comments.

Now check out for the ones that have no comments on them yet and drop comments. They tend to get more approval quickly. Click on it and leave a thoughtful comment that's as if you read the post, avoid stuff like "nice post", "thanks for sharing" and so on.
Comments like "Great post on building backlinks, I think I will try Links Management. I really need to build my blog's authority" will be more thoughtful.

Also avoid spamming, it brings down the quality of your blog. To make the process of backlinking faster, you need to get indexed by Google quickly.

Click here to submit the url to them. That's all. Any questions? Please drop them below and don't forget to share!

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Congratulations! You're now a blogger. I wish you good luck.

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