How To Start A Computer Business Center In Nigeria

How To Start A Computer Business Center In Nigeria
Sometimes I ask myself some questions like, "...how lucrative is a business center really in a country like Nigeria?"
Going around places like the Imo State University front gate and many other Nigerian tertiary institutions, you will be really startled at the number of photocopy depots, printing outlets, photography spots and so many others in the school.

This is because the businesses are mainly managed by the students for the students. They need such small businesses to combine their studies effectively with funding themselves.
I will show you how you can start a computer business center successfully in Nigeria and also invest the minimum budget while making the best of profits.

Things Needed To Statst A Computer Businness Center In Nigeria

- A good computer: This doesn't have to be very expensive. You can get a computer for as low as N30,000 on Konga and make sure to go for strong and quality products like hp, Dell, Apple, Samsung, Toshiba and many others. My best two are the Apple and hp. You can go for a desktop computer if you have a good location and a laptop if you don't have any. Laptops are more mobile and serve good purposes.

- A good printer: You will need to print documents like the NYSC data, JAMB data and so on. A printer comes in handy. Printers are not so expensive and you can get a good one for as low as N17,000 on Konga. Even the retail outlets in the major cities in Nigeria all have these accesories in abundance.

- A good modem: For modems, I prefer the universal ones or I get to crack them later. However, you can still get an Airtel, MTN, Glo or any other modem as your choice will differ. I got my own universal modem for only N3,500 on Konga and I got the Airtel modem I use now for N8,000. I wonder why universal modems are cheaper...Lol.

- A good standby generator: You can consider combining with someone who has one if you cannot afford this yet. I don't think Tiger generators are upto N20,000 on Konga. They are the small "I better pass my neighbor" popularly used here. You can go for a bigger one too if you ca afford it.

- A photocopying machine: This is optional, as the photocopying business is also a unique and lucrative one. You can get them on Konga too.

- Other accessories like the USB, flash, tables, chairs, canopy and any other stuff you will most likely use.

You can also get a fridge so you can sell cool drinks and water to your customers while you do your business.

Where Can You Get These Equipment

There are so many places where you can get your needed equipment for the business and we will see a few:
- Online: The trend of online shopping is here to stay and so you can rely on them. There are so many stores where you can get these equipment such as Konga, Jumia, Jiji, etc.

- Markets: Almost all the markets in Nigeria house these products and you can walk into anyone of your choice today to pick them at affordable rates. Only be sure to avoid being cheated.

- Retail stores: There are so many retail stores and supermarkets where you can walk in to pick your required accessories. They don't have to be bought one place.

- From individuals: You can see people who have some of these products for sale, whether fairly used (second hand) or new and purchase from them. They will be more avoidable. Go for the best  and avoid stolen products because of future complications.

How To Choose A Good Location

You need to be in a hot spot, such as close to the school gate, admins office, students' eatery and what have you. You can even get a spot under the staircases and corridors especially where people pass a lot. Avoid competitors mainly if they are already more popular than you in the area (you are still new) and I wish you the best!
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