Over 20 Blogs And Websites That Pay Writers In Nigeria

Blogs And Websites That Pay Writers In Nigeria
As a freelance writer, you probably will be looking for a list of sites that will pay you for writing for them, then you have arrived at the right place.

We have written a lot of them, as a new freelancer, there are certain mistakes you must avoid. Also, if you are among the content writers in Nigeria or Africa looking forward to be hired, we have compiled a lot of freelance writing jobs in Nigeria. These websites will pay you for writing different types of articles like news, football, career tips, blogging tips, health tips, culture and many more.

Nigerian Sites That Pay Writers

Post4solution: Post4solution is a Nigerian freelancing site that connects business owners to writers and other freelancers. It is owned by the Web Solutions Offshore Enterprises and payments can be made directly into your local bank account or through VoguePay.
You can click here to join them now and start receiving writing offers.

Okada Books: I personally love this site because it helps authors to get noticed. It is a e-publishing company that publish people's works and in turn, earn some percentage of the sales generated on their platforms. I've published a couple of stories their and you can check them out on my page to know what it is all about.
By publishing on okada books, they will help expose your books to their thousands of readers but you can also sponsor your books to help reach more people. The last time I checked, their rates were as follows:
Placement of book on the front page - N7,000
Creation of custom author tab for housing of your books - N1,500 for 2 weeks
Sending of push notifications to their over 195,000 users - N3,500
Blasting of e-mails to their over 195,000 users -
Advertisement of your books on their mobile apps in form of banner - N37,500 for 1 week
Social media promotions:
Sponsored photo on Instagram - N5,750 (per post)
Sponsored video on Instagram - N5,750 (per post)
Sponsored photo on Facebook page - N3,750 (per post)
Sponsored video on Facebook Page - N3,750 (per post)
Sponsored photo on Facebook and Instagram - N9,500 (per post)
Sponsored photo on Twitter - N5,750 (per post)
Sponsored video on Twitter - N5,750 (per post)
With these promotions, if your book is worth it, I bet it'll generate a good number of sales.
Okada books is mainly for people publishing online, you can visit this page to find out more on publishing books if you intend to start a career as an author in Nigeria.

Information Guide In Nigeria: This is a top Nigerian information site owned by Mr. Ifiokobong Ibanga. They pay about N500 for every published article on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.
Articles submitted to them should be:
- 100% original
- Minimum 1000 words
- Free of grammatical errors
- Very engaging
People interested in writing for them should not submit more than one article a day. If you wish to write for this website, then head on to this page to read more on their acceptance policies.

AABNigeria: I don't really know much about this site neither have I written for them but they it is a Nigerian site that pays writers. One reason it is unique from other sites is that you won't be paid per article, rather you'll be paid from revenue generated from the blog by advertisers. According to them, they have an algorithm for determining the revenue generated from each individual's posts and have an anti-fraud system for detecting frauds like self-clicks. The more articles you publish on the site, the more money you make and the minimum payout is N5,000.
Want to start writing for them, why not join now and check out what it is all about?
Have you written for them before, what are your reviews about them, please drop them as comments in the box below.
UPDATE: Presently, AAB Nigeria is not online, we'll tell you when they are back.

NaijaGists.com: This appeared on the Google search result in the course of my research for this post and I think it is a sponsored post on the site. They have over 1,200 vacancies for Nigerian writers and I'm sure you can queue in.
To find out more on this offer, please visit this page.

OnlineBookClub: This site will pay you for giving honest reviews of books written by authors. It's not a Nigerian site, but they accept Nigerians and they pay an average of $5 to $60 for each honest reviews.
Please apply here if you think you can do it.

More Online Freelance Jobs In Nigeria

Fiverr: This is a great online market place that pay Nigerians. Currently, more than three million freelance jobs and services have been listed on the site and more are being listed on daily basis. One good thing about Fiverr is that they don't only have jobs for writers, but also for other freelancers. You can find out more about Fiverr and the gigs you can start selling there to make some money on this page.
You can click here to sign up for Fiverr and start earning now.

iWriter: Writers on this site receive little money because you can pay as low as $1.50 to get your articles written here and the competition is much. I actually worked for them last two years before I got a better offer. You can check it out if you can write at this rate.

Blasting News: This is another unique site. They don't pay per article but by impressions generated by you on your article. Earnings vary from country to country and I think Nigerian traffic is one of the lowest, you need to target U.S, Canada, Australia, U.K and other top countries if you really want to generate much revenue from this site.
You can sign up now to check out the site.

FreelanceWriting: This is another great place for passionate freelance writers. It is a great community for both business and writers as they meet each other and gain mutually.

MediaBistro: This is not only a site for freelancers, but all freelancers can come here to get freelancing gigs. One reason I love this site is that you can search for jobs by location, that is, you can get available jobs in your area from this site.

Freelance Writing Jobs In Lagos And Other Parts Of Nigeria

They are online, so you don't necessarily need to be in Lagos. You can purchase or e-book Actualizing Your Dreams As A Freelancer at only $0.99 to open your way to a freelancing career.

WePayWriters.com: This is another website that pays writers, however only they only accept Nigerians. We have not written for the site, but they pay N500 for every 500 words and can increase the money when a writer joins the team of golden authors.
The requirement for joining the team is writing a total of 100 engaging articles or more little or no grammatical error. 
At this stage, you will be automatically assigned a team manager  and your pay scale will be increased.
Articles submitted to this site must be original and plagiarism free.
To find out more about the site, please visit the official website WePayWriters.com.  
Apart from the sites I've listed above, below are more you can join:
LinkedIn jobs
Fiver Up
Gig Bucks
SEO Clerks
Round Shelf
Dollar 3
See more here.

Another way of earning as a freelancer in Nigeria is by creating your own blog. In a couple of months, you'll turn out to be an employer of writers.
All you need is the passion to write, then with only N1,250 you can get a domain from Whogohost, and a free blogger blog.
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