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Freelancing: 9 Amazing Websites That Can Get You Buyers

You have some talents and you need to earn money with them, but how do you do that.
Naturally, except you are the kind of lucky geeks, you cannot get buyers who would try to patronize your talent but you actually need these buyers to keep body and soul together, so what do you do? 

You need a website to sign up with, create gigs and start setting your buyers rolling in. I'll share with you 9 amazing websites that can help you get to your buyers and hereby, giving you a platform to showcase your talents and also evade scams as they would pay you through the platforms. 
The most popular form of Payout among them is Payoneer as it is available in all countries, so if you don't have an account, I recommend you get one here now. It doesn't take more than 10 minutes to set that up. Doing that now will also earn you $25 sign up bonus.


The first in the game, it's among the first 200th most visited websites in the USA. It started almost together with Elance and Freelancer and will get 20% of all your earnings.
Sign up today and start creating gigs for as low as $5.

Another great Fiverr alternative. They will also tweet your gig to over 100k Twitter users and you have the option of a free verification to aid boost sales. 


Also great. It is fairly popular and has categories for almost any other gigs you can find elsewhere. A gig here can range from $5 to $50.

Gigs can go as high as $100 and for smaller gigs like $3, no commissions are paid.

For website related gigs like SEO, internet marketing and so on, this is a great choice. Gigs can range from as low as $1 to as high as $999. Webmasters are in love with this site.

Similar to Fiverr, and without any withdrawal limits. They can tweet your gig to over 20k Twitter followers too.

This is better than most of its alternatives because you can cash out through PayPal and AlertPay. A gig can range from $5 to $90 here.

This is similar to Fiverr but gigs range from $1 to $10. I must say that $1 is really kinda low for any job except it involves suggesting a name to someone. Nevertheless, you can still give it a try.

Not anything better than Fiverr, but gigs are worth $4. You can still give it a try.

We will continue updating the list with time, and the new websites will be added as soon as we discover them. If you have a job board, you can also contact us to include it.
#1 Essay Writers

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