Benefits of Instant Messaging To Your Business

Benefits of Instant Messaging To Your Business
Instant messaging is a very useful for every business. It is used for real time transmission of text over the web from clients to the business owners.
The both parties type short messages I their different devices and send it, it’s the fastest means of sending text over the web. Unlike the normal short message service that allows users to send only texts of 160 characters or below, the instant messaging allows longer messages and also provides a faster delivery.

Features of Instant Messaging

There are so many benefits of instant messaging that make it very ideal to your business and careers in general. These benefits are inculcated in their features and even beyond that. A good instant messaging system should possess the following features:

- Text chat: An IM should be able to have a good gateway for transferring messages in form of texts from one location to another. You can also build user confidence by encrypting the messages. The senders should also be allowed to view the sent messages through the chat history after the conversation.

- Offline messages: This is in case the recipient is not online at the time message was sent, it’ll be delivered to him next time he or she comes online. The offline messaging system will guarantee the message senders of the delivery of their messages.

 - Chat history: This is to provide easier tracking of older messages for easier workflow of the organization’s information.

- Chat rooms: It should allow users to create group chats for real time communication between members of the chat community.

Tabbed chat: This is to keep record of multiple chats to utilize the screen space to enable faster chatting.

Broadcast messages: This is in case you want to send messages or announcements to more than one contact on your list. It is very essential to companies, schools, authorities and so on that to pass messages to their workers or a huge number of people.

File transfer: A good messaging system should allow users to transfer files like music, photos, e-books (or other portable document format files), and videos. It should also have a program for compressing files to enable easier downloading for the receiving parties.

Voice chat: This is for effective communication between the two parties. It makes interaction faster, easier and personalized.

Video chat: This is a very perfect substitute for a live meeting. It adds more personalized touch to the voice chat.

Anti-virus: Incase the users want to send a file; the anti-virus will scan through the file to detect if it contains viruses.

Spelling check: This is to monitor spelling and grammatical errors in the messages sent.

Compatibility: A good messaging app should be compatible with different operating systems whether Mac, Windows, Linux or Android.

Benefits of the Instant Messaging System

Having seen the features of the instant messaging, it’s now for us to see the benefits of instant messaging to our business, normal life and career at large. One of the sites that offer these benefits in the maximum is the Brosix. They work very well to provide real time business communication and data sharing. They provide text chat, offline history, user status visibility and so many more. You can see some of the other benefits of the Instant Messaging below:

Reduction in the delivery time for messages sent: The instant messaging system has contributed massively to the reduction in the normal time it takes for the email, short message system and other previous text messaging systems for delivering messages. Business instant messaging systems now provide instant, real time communication between business owner and clients.

- More secured communications: Since most messages Instant Messaging apps are encrypted from one end to the other, it’ll be almost impossible for hackers and cyber-attackers to lay hold of the messages thereby cutting them off.
- Different communication tools: Instant messaging offers different messaging tools ranging from the audio, to the video and the normal text messaging system.

- Makes communication easier: It reduces the stress involved in writing a typical mail. All you need is to type in your message and click on send for the message to be sent.

- Reduction in cost: Unlike the normal prices for using phones, many IM charge only a few dollars for calls and video chats made through their system.

What next, join the band wagon and activate your own Instant Messaging System today to start enjoying the benefits. It is good for both personal users and business owners. 
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