The Importance Of Social Media In Our Career

The importance of social media in our career
There are many social media sites present in the world today.
Before the arrival of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, the popular social networking sites were MySpace and YouTube.
While MySpace was an online community where young kid wasted their time sharing photos and updating their status, YouTube was popular for viral videos.

But then, Facebook was launched by Mark Zuckerberg in February 4, 4004 and it worked its way into becoming attractive to major brands and business owners. Twitter became an avenue for influencers to meet and communicate with their followers in real time. LinkedIn also became a social network for professionals to meet.

Reasons Social Media Must Be Part Of Your Chosen Career

• It gives you visibility. Social media will help you to reach more people that you might not have reached physically. If you are a freelancer, you can join Facebook groups related to freelancing and connect with other freelancers.
• It’ll help you to get informed. There is an adage that says, “if you are not informed, you are deformed.” When you join forums that related to your niche, it’ll help you to get know of available job opportunities in your niche.
• It amplifies your personal brands.
• It can help you carve out new roles in your chosen careers that will later metamorphose to authority roles in the niche.
• You can make money advertising your products on your social media accounts and if you’ve gotten a good number of followers, companies can also contact you to advertise for them.

How To Get A Large Social Media Audience

• Be active. In a site like Instagram, the more active you are, the more followers you get. You will also get more noticed when you use hash-tags in your pictures and videos. However, using related hash-tags is essential as it’ll help you to get connected with people of your niche.
• Increase your exposure. This might sound ridiculous but it’s really a fact. Join related groups and forums, use hash-tags relating to your niche and also follow brands and personalities that share the same dreams and passions with you.
• Post great contents.
• If you have a blog, place the banners on it asking your visitors to follow your pages.
• Share other people’s contents; this will in turn make them to share yours.
• Post contents that are worth sharing.
• Make your bio appear as professional as possible. It’s what people see first when they visit your page.
• Avoid grammatical errors while updating your status.

Building your brand is not an easy task, it requires carefulness and patience. Try to look professional in everything you do and in a short period of time; you’ll see yourself becoming an authority in your niche. Remember that before you can make money from your social media handles, you will need to have some good amount of followers.
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