How You Can Lighten Dark Skin Around Your Private Areas

How You Can Lighten Dark Skin Around Your Private Areas
Dark skin around your private area can be a cause for low self-esteem.
Although those areas aren't exposed to the general public's eyes, it still affects how you see yourself. Also, just imagine the discomfort you'll feel if you are supposed to wear a bikini but couldn't because of dark skin in your private area. 

Luckily, thanks to Intilight.com and some natural remedies, there are many ways you can achieve that white and smooth skin in your private area. Here are some things you might want to try. 

- Switch to seamless underwear

If you haven't noticed, your underwear has a big impact on the shade of the skin around your private areas. When your underwear is too tight, the fabric can create friction against the skin causing it to get irritated. In return, your skin will darken. The same goes for tight clothing. 

To add to that, wearing panties with a lot of stitches can cause friction to start irritating your skin. So the first step to lightening your skin is to prevent anything that will leave marks on it. Switch to seamless underwear so it's gentler on your skin. 

- Exfoliate regularly

Exfoliating regularly will do wonders for your skin. It removes dead skin cells making way for new cells to resurface. When dead skin cells are removed, your skin will be smoother and more radiant like before. However, what you should remember is that scrubbing should be done 2-3 times a week. 

The best exfoliating scrubs often have coffee or baking soda in them. These substances are known to lighten dark parts of the skin. At the same time, its "beads" create a gentle exfoliating product. 

- Apply aloe vera gel

There are a lot of aloe vera gels available in the market. Most of them are applied to the face for a cooling and moisturizing feeling. The same effect is expected on the skin near your private area.
Aloe vera is known to ease burns and allergies. It's also a good gel to maintain moisture on the skin. Moisture is important for lightening the skin because dry skin is more prone to irritation. Since the skin below your private area is prone to friction, it's best that you keep it moisturized. Simply apply a pea-sized amount on the area and massage it in circular motions. After 20 minutes, rinse off the product. 

- Use whitening products or services

There are several whitening services you can avail that focus on whitening the skin near your private area. Some are scrubs and some are injections which often affect your overall skin. You can also search for lightening creams that you can apply in that area. 

When you look for whitening creams, don't forget to look at the ingredients. Also, be critical of what is said on the bottle. Remember, you want a product that is light on your skin because you don't want it to infect your private area. Thus, a fragrance-free and mild product is highly recommended. 

If you want to see the best results, try doing all the four tips consistently.

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