Some Amazing Basic SEO Free Tips For Beginners

Some Amazing Basic SEO Free Tips For Beginners
Search engines are one of the best traffic sources a blogger or website owner can get. They'll give you traffic without you working much for them.
Making your site to be optimized requires using some software while writing your blog posts. I personally use Keywords Everywhere for researching for the best keywords to include in my blog posts.
It's a free tool, all I did was to install the Chrome Extension in my Google Chrome browser, then whenever I search for a word on Google or YouTube, it'll show me the keyword volume, CPC and competition.
Some Amazing Basic SEO Free Tips For Beginners
With the tool, I don't just blindly write a post but I write blog posts based on people's interests and the CPC of the keyword.
The importance of search engines cannot be under-estimated. Do you know that every blog post you publish gets displayed on Google?
Yes, from the screenshot above, you'll see that there are over 387 million results for the keyword I typed above. Someone is the first, and someone will be the last.
What makes Google display some results before the others?
See an article that I published on November 2017.
Some Amazing Basic SEO Free Tips For Beginners
Don't worry, I blurred the keyword that took us this far, you can choose any keyword and write on it. We made the first page of Google and the first post, the other ones were sponsored.

6 Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips That Every Beginner Should Know

- Write Long Posts

Google loves long posts and you should love them too if you want to be Google's friend. There is a saying that 'content is king' meaning that your content is the first factor that search engines consider while indexing your posts.
Also, the more specific your post or answer is to the user's query, the most likely you are to rank high.

- Use Keywords

When looking for articles on search engine optimization (SEO), you probably visit the site on the top of the search engine results because of the keywords you enter.
That is one of the basic tips of SEO service experts apply while writing their blog posts and it makes them appear on the top of the results.

Optimize the post title, meta, heading, sub-heading and minor-heading tags

This is another important tip. This is the first thing a Google user sees and if it is written well, it'll motivate him/her to visit the site.
While writing your post title, ensure that:
- All post titles are unique per page
- The length of the title is no more than 70 characters

- You include target keywords in the title tag
Blindly creating post titles without including keywords don't really help, you should include keywords that are relevant to the topic you are writing about.

- Backlinks are important too

A backlink is when a website or blogs mentions another by linking to it. This is another great SEO tip, it shows that your contents are relevant and deserve to be displayed to the search engine users.
This is an SEO guide for 2018, from the latest updates by Google and other search engines.
If you are in need of a site to get quality backlinks from, you can check out LinksManagement.com, they are experts in the field and have been proven to be of great help to many other people.
Other types of links that matter are internal backlinks (link from one page of your site to another), if you visit any page on Wikipedia, you'll notice that they are experts in this.
You should also be linking to other authority sites that publish contents similar to yours. When they are getting traffic from a site, they'll trace the source of the traffic and in some cases, can appreciate you by giving your website a mention too.

- Make your site to be mobile responsive

This is another tip on getting the best SEO optimized websites. Majority of website traffic comes from the search engines and for you to benefit fully from the traffic, you'll have to put the mobile users into consideration.
Another basic factor is the time it takes your site to load. Use templates that load fast and test it with this tool for doing that.

Social media

I don't think there is anyone reading this post that is not on Facebook. Why not utilize these social media platforms in getting traffic to your site?
While sharing your blog links, also consider submitting your blog(s) to these websites listed below. They will help you generate free high quality backlinks and traffic too.

Websites That Give Backlinks And Traffic


This will help you increase the SEO ranking of your blog or website by 36.5%. All you have to do is to sign-up and you'll become eligible to start posting.
This website will help you get website visitors when you list your website there. People will click on your site link and then visit it to read from your contents.
However, you can't post regularly on the site, but you can list your blog for other users of the site to start benefiting.
NOTE: You can't post without signing up. To save stress, there are other options for creating an account which are Google account, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


This is the biggest online forum in Africa and a great source of traffic to many bloggers. One good news about Nairaland is that all the back-links received from the site are do-follow. I wonder if there are any Nigerian bloggers who haven't gotten a juicy backlink from this site.
All you need to do is to write an interesting article, publish it on the site, mention the admins in a post and if they find it interesting it will be pushed to the homepage for the entire Nairaland users to read and drop comments on.


This is not as active as the above stated sites but it's worth giving a try. Plazoo.com can increase your SEO ranking by up to 37.2% and this is a great improvement. In fact, you will start seeing the results in a few months. All you need to do is to submit your feed url to the site and they will handle the rest.


You can share your blog posts here as a way of getting back links and post engagements. In submitting your site to this site, you should try as much as possible to keep their terms and conditions. Explicit or erotic articles and articles relating to new job alerts are not allowed on the site.
Going against their guidelines will lead to your website link being banned and you'll have to submit a petition before you'll be allowed to use the platform again.
You have no posting regulations, you are even advised to post on the site twice or more a day in order to get more impressions.
This site is good for search engine optimization and can increase your SEO ranking by 34%.


They parade themselves as the front page of the internet...Lol! That is up to them, you are what you call yourself. They are a great traffic source to those who know and use it. It will also give you backlinks back to your own site.


Of a truth, Digg hasn't given me any significant backlink, but I still submit my post to the site because I believe no backlink is a waste. Moreover, I always see them feature other websites on their front page which means it could be my turn someday. You can submit your links to them too. It take less than 5 seconds to do so!

Hackers News (news.ycombinator.com)

This website is specifically for submitting links and generating traffic, and everyone should take advantage of that. It is 100% free and has given me some significant traffic. You should try it out too.
How many of these tools and sites have you used? Do you know or own any which we missed out? Please drop them as comments below and we will include them if they suit our standards.
What else is remaining? Help your friends (including us) see this post too, kindly use the share buttons and we will appreciate!
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