8 Amazing Ways To Make Your Students Love You As A Teacher

10 Ways To Make Your Students Love You As A Teacher
One of the greatest success you can achieve as a teacher is winning your students' love. There is a common belief among teachers that you need to be tough in order to achieve your aim, but it's not always true.
You can also inculcate the basic knowledge into the minds of the little ones without using abusive words or having them cry.
Why must you want to create the impression that you are a mean tutor before you can be able to teach your students?
It doesn't always work like that.
If we are to be honest, no matter how strict you act you still want to be loved by your students. We'll look at some simple things you can start applying today to win your students' hearts.

- Smile Often:

There is a saying that 'a smile is worth a thousand words.' It's far more easier to be loved as a smiling teacher than one that frowns often. Greet every student with a smile, that's just what they need and you'll be on the minds of all.

- Ask about their well-beings:

Ask about their pets when teaching them Biology and watch how active the classroom will be. Also ask about their relations and friends, all these help build a better student-teacher relationship.

- Believe in them:

Make the students to know that they'll become great in life. Make them to know that you believe in them and their good is your good, avoid using abusive words on them because they will refer to it in the future.
In Naeto C ft RunTown's Say, you'll hear Naeto C saying "...I still remember when the teacher man said, I wouldn't make it but I made it anyway..."
I can't tell if this part of the song was just written to make up the lyrics or a teacher actually told him that, but in all, it's bad.

- Control your temper:

Even when the whole class becomes noisy, you can calm the students down without yelling the hell out of them. Being calm and still in control, even in the middle of chaos, is a standard of amazing teachers.

- Adopt the children:

Treat the children how you treat your biological kids and there will be an unlimited flow of love among you.
This is one of the qualities of amazing teachers, and helps eliminate hatred. If your biological child commits a crime, you'll punish him or her and then offer some pieces of advises to him or her. What if you do same to the your students?

- Teach, don't recite:

Students know when their teachers are reciting crammed topics and they hate it. Make your lessons meaningful by teaching the students and not the subjects. Ask questions at intervals to be sure the students are riding with you.

- Compliment the students:

Who doesn't like being appreciated? Me, NO and I'm sure you love being appreciated too. You can compliment the students dresses, haircuts, assignments, neat notebooks and more. It helps promote competition thereby influencing the bad ones to pick up.

- Listen to the students:

It might sound boring at times but it really helps the students. if you are given the opportunity to teach kindergarten pupils, you'll be receiving several complaints and reports from them but they should be fun to you. You can pretend to flog the offender in order to please the reporter or beat a chair if it makes your pupil to cry.
Apart from complaints, a little child will also love to show his new uniform to his teacher and would be expecting a "wow...this uniform is beautiful, who bought it for you" and similar compliments from the teacher.
These are some of the tips that can help you produce great students. Have you tried anyone?
Tell us how it feels like and we'll be glad to hear from you.
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