8 Signs You’re Actually Making A Difference As A Teacher

8 Signs You’re Actually Making A Difference As A Teacher
Being a teacher is a great thing if it's your passion. As a teacher, one of your greatest worries might be on how to make your students love you more.
It doesn't matter if you are a Nigerian, an American, from the Australia, teaching in Canada or even any European country, what matters is winning your students' love.
According to Wikipedia,  a teacher can be said to be someone who helps others to acquire knowledge, competences and/or values. 
Informally anyone can be a teacher, however in the formal settings, you need to pass through some weeks of training before you can be qualified to mount the podium to deliver lectures to your students.

Amazing Signs You’re Actually Making A Difference As A Teacher

It's not worth being a teacher if you don't have students that appreciate what you are teaching.Your first concern as a teacher should be on what you should do to make your inculcate the best knowledge into the minds of your students, make them come out with nice grades and also retain their love for you.
In my primary school days, there were some teachers that I loved and I always told my Mummy to get gifts for them whenever she's coming to pick us up from the school. Imagine loving a teacher to the extent of purchasing a cane for her, after which she'll use it to flog me 😅.
That didn't even make me to stop getting her gifts, because she really worth the gifts.
Let's take a look at some of the signs you''ll notice among your students and it'll become obvious that they really love you:

1) Your shy students start participating in the lectures being prompted:

This is a great achievement every teacher can make. As a teacher, you should know your students that are shy and barely answer questions in the classroom, they are always in every classroom setting. You should always try your best to carry them along and reward them for questions answered. By doing so, you'll be making them to become more free with you and also helpthem to be perfoeming better in the classroom.
Some of these things can be seen among students with special educational needs, always encourage them and make them to know that they are just like the other students.

2) A student you’ve taught or encouraged creates something unique with her talents:

I remember that special joy in my teachers face when I first climbed the assembly ground to recite the list of Nigerian past presidents from Independence till Obasanjo's regime, then I was a very young boy. That's the kind of joy every mother and teacher feels for his or her child when the kids make unique achievements.
As a teacher, if your child creates an android app in his primary 5, it'll be a great achievement on your side.

3) You make your students to laugh

Every school has that special teacher that every student want to partake in his or her lectures. You can be the one for your school and you can be more than one.
If you are someone that amuse students, then you are creating a memorable legacy that will live in the students' minds even after wearing their graduation gowns.

4) Your students ask you for reference letters

This is another fact but you might not know. If you are two in a classroom, there will always be a particular tutor that the students will refer to whenever they want to ask for permission or any document.
In most cases, they'll even go to the extent of telling one of the teachers to help them inquire from the other. This is a clear indication that they are more free with one of the teachers and relate better with him. It doesn't mean that they other is bad actually, because offering to be a teacher is a profession only the best can take.

5) You’ve made your students understand the personal relevance of what they’re learning beyond the theoretical aspect:

I remember in my secondary school days that you'll see my classmates asking questions like 'this Further Mathematics we are learning, were will we apply it?' and other similar questions.
As a teacher, have you ever settled down to explain to your students how they'll need Further Mathematics in their 100 Level in any university?
How they'll need empirical formulae while working in a pharmacy?
If yes, then you deserve some accolades.

6) You have helped a student choose a career:

It doesn't matter if your student started liking the course after you taught it or not, if a student have ever approached you to learn certain things on how to choose a course that is related to a subject you teach, then you are really on the right path.
Another clear sign of success if having students that want to go into teaching because they love the way you teach.

7) Your students visit you:

Whether at your house or in the school, if your students inquire on how they'll pay a visit to you, then they truly love you.
The visit can be to learn how new methods or different formulae for solving equations, to help you do some house chores, to carry your baby (when you give birth as a female teacher), or even to eat in your place.

8) A parent approaches you with words of appreciation:

Believe me, it happens and my Mum does it at times in my primary school days. I attended a boarding secondary school so my Mum wasn't coming to school that often, but I knew she appreciated my teachers. She'l always give us gifts to give to our favorite teachers and all those things. 
But in some cases, you'll see parents especially the mothers going to their wards teachers to appreciate them for a teaching their students well.
These are some of the tips that can help you become a great teacher. Teachers are the best gifts in the world and only the best people become it.
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