Still Struggling To Get Freelancing Gigs? Try PeoplePerHour!

How to get PeoplePerHour gigs as a Nigerian
Freelancing is one of the easiest ways of making money online because it gives you the liberty of working anytime you like and needs almost no investment.
There are many freelancing sites that can help land you gigs and today we'll be talking about a special one, PeoplePerHour.com, and amazingly they give out free £30 to anyone that will sign-up with this link.
So if you really want the £30, I'll advise you to create an account now.

How To Create An Account In PeoplePerHour

- Visit the official website

Best freelancing website for Nigerians

This is the first step, by creating an account you'll also be automatically credited with £30. I wish someone told me this, I just used the official website and lost my own...lol.

- Click on GET YOU £30 VOUCHER

Best freelancing website for Nigerians
After this page, a £30 will be credited to your account.

- Fill in the form and click on submit

How to sign up for PeoplePerHour as Nigerian
Fill in your Name, Email Address, Password, Location and Account Type(I selected both because I still buy articles from the site).
Boom, you'll be credited with your $35.
Still Struggling To Get Freelancing Gigs? Try PeoplePerHour!

That was easy right?

Does PeoplePerHour.com Allow Nigerians?

Yes, I'm a Nigerian and my account was approved by them. All countries are eligible to apply and they are honest in accepting freelancers. You get the same pay rate with an American and qualify for the same jobs whether you are an African, Asian, Australian or European. If you want to be approved, you need to:
✓ Be honest in filling your details.
✓ Sound professional while filling the form
✓ Take there test, the questions are very easy.The test is not a criteria for approval but it helps you in getting jobs. It is over 100 and to pass you need to have at least 70%. When I took mine, I got 75%, not bad right?
✓ Verify your email. It's normal with every site, all you have to do is to click on the link that will be sent to your inbox.

How To Get Jobs On PeoplePerHour

There are two ways of getting jobs on PeoplePerHour:
- Posting hourlies: This is similar to posting a gig on Fiverr but the only difference is that the team will approve it before it goes live. You need to create an image 
- Bidding for jobs: This is the second way of landing clients on PeoplePerHour and it works very well. All you need is to visit the 'Browse Jobs Section' on the top right of your account. This is what a typical job-page looks like.
How to win bids on PeoplePerHour
You need to sound professional while bidding for jobs and also bid for them on time.
Aside bidding for open jobs, they also send email on opportunities that are available based on your profile. This is a screenshot of the recent job that was sent to my mail.
How to win bids on PeoplePerHour
Have you started taking up freelance projects yet? If yes, kudos if not, why not try this out now?
Incase you are interested in getting freelance gigs, I'll suggest that you read this now.
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