How To Get The Cheapest Flights In Nigeria

How To Get The Cheapest Flights In Nigeria
It's not every time we travel that we have all the money in the world.
With so many of us struggling to study abroad, we know the burden on our parents to pay school fees abroad, and so you have to do everything possible to get the cheapest flights you can, whether travelling or returning. 
Aside studying in these foreign countries, we can also travel to continents like Europe, Asia, Australia, South America and North America to get a better living aside our own Africa. In doing this, not everyone will have so much money to spare as you also need to save a lot to settle down comfortably there and feed before getting a decent job. This means that you should minimize spending as much as possible by cutting charges anywhere possible. One of the ways of doing this is by using a more cost friendly flight.

I was to book a flight for a friend travelling to China, June 2018 and I compared between booking flight from Nigeria to China, and they were the same price whether you go  through an individual travel agent or a firm.
That came as a shock because there are so many firms out there struggling to make you book a flight through them, though my favourite is Travelstart but you can also use Jumia Travels. Since they were the same prices, why not use an agency which is already very popular? We would not want to be scammed.
There are a few tips that will help us get cheaper flights, and I would love you to apply them anytime you are on transit.

Tips To Help You Get Cheaper Flights Anywhere

You can apply these tips to begin saving money on flights from today

- Avoid carrying extra luggage

Why would you pay for things you might not even use on the other side? C'mon some of those things are not necessary, such as taking rice on a flight to Lagos, when you know very well that those things are also sold there. Even if they're not, you're not so addicted to a particular food stuff that you're gonna die if you don't eat them.
If you have pets, you can take them to your neighbour and maybe pay a little bucks to get them fed and taken care of depending on your relationship with them.

- Always book flights earlier

Since you're still going to book, then you should book them earlier as they are cheaper then. Even though most times the differences are not much, it is still worth saving.

- Fly with Economy

Why use a First Class when no one's going to know you did? You're not yet a millionaire or such rich dude, you're still sponsored by your parents, you can even take the money for First Class and book Economy, the rest becomes yours. 

- Book with a travel agent

You cannot run the hustles at the airport, why not book a flight online and save yourself the stress? I love companies like Travelstart and Jumia Travels, no stress, no calls, I just book a flight with my laptop and I'm emailed the ticket. It's so easy, it's scam free.
You can also use human agents (not travel agencies) but you need a connection to get them and you might be scammed.

How To Book A Flight With Travelstart In Nigeria

Travelstart is a popular travel agency in Nigeria and even beyond. With it, you can get affordable flights to any part of the world and on any air company.
They deserve a lot of credit for this.
However, not everyone knows how to do this. We will see how to do it in a few steps below.
This is travel start Nigeria, so all the currencies will be in Naira. You can check the rates in your local with our exchange rate calculator.

- Visit the Travelstart's official page on www.travelstart.com.ng. You can do this with your mobile phone or pc.

- Choose a departure destination (where you're leaving from) and arrival destination (where you're heading to). 

Select a date of your choice and choose whether you want to only book for one way (departure alone) or return. After that, you select how many people would be travelling with you and click on Search.
In my own case, I selected Lagos as departure, Hydrabad (India) as arrival, one way, date 14th September, 2018 and one way. I'm travelling alone.
Get cheap flights in Nigeria

- After this, you can sort either by the cheapest, fastest, earliest departure or latest departure and still Search.

How To Get The Cheapest Flights In Nigeria

That is all, you can always check the rates in the local currency using our exchange rate calculator. We wish you a safe journey!
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