A Brief History Of Bowhunting And Hunting Bows

A Brief History Of Bowhunting And Hunting Bows
Bowhunting and archery, in general, is one of the ancient practices that can be traced back as far back as the Stone Age, around 20,000 BC and is still practiced today.
The history of archery can be traced to the very beginning of mankind itself and there is various evidence all around the world that supports this claim. 

Early History

Although bow hunting has been traced as far back as 20,000 BC, discoveries have shown that the Ancient Egyptians are the earliest known people to have used bows and arrows for warfare and hunting and they adopted this art around 3,000BC. 

The Shang Dynasty which lasted from 1766-1027BC were forerunners of advent in China. The war chariots that they had at the time were structured to hold a three-man team comprising a driver, an archer, and a lancer.

The Zhou (Chou) Dynasty (1027-256BC) which followed the Shang Dynasty held various archery tournaments with nobles at court attending. This was of course for entertainment and usually had a musical accompaniment. 

Human beings once lived in the jungle and had mannerisms similar to those of wild animals that they shared the jungle with. The basic necessities were food and shelter and getting the food and shelter meant hunting.

 Also, wild animals often attacked and the human race had to defend themselves. This spurred the need to invent certain tools to defend against and hunt wild animals. 

Initially, bows were made out of wood and were pretty weighty. However, rapid evolution and technological advancement revolutionized archery. In recent times, archery sets consist of aluminum bows with stainless steel strings and are very light. 

Despite the fact that there is no apparent need to defend ourselves against wild animals or hunt for survival, humans are still very much fond of hunting. 

With time, it has transformed into a sport and is one of the ways to go on a leisurely getaway with buddies. While we were forced to learn in order to survive, it is now learned as an art. 
Bowhunting in the Medieval Period
The major push to bowhunting in the 19th century was the print media. At this time, there was a measure of technological advancement, therefore, bows and arrows were better and lighter. 

Similarly, bowhunters put effort into writing content, thereby making the art a lot more popular. For instance, the book “The Witchery of Archery” was a major boost for people to pick up the art. 

With time, organizations and foundations began to form and bow hunters could finally associate together. 

Bowhunting In Recent Times 

Compared to other ages, the 21st century completely revolutionized the sphere of bowhunting. Thanks to impressive technology, bowhunting has literally been reborn.

 These days, bows are made out of aluminum making them a whole lot lighter than the ancient versions that were made out of wood. 

Now, a hunter could carry his bow all day, therefore allowing him to hunt with ease. 
The durability of the bows and arrows is guaranteed with the strings and cables made out of stainless steel. With use of bow sights accuracy can be improved.

In addition, there are “archery kits” that also contain all the accessories that hunters might need aside from bows and arrows. 

Archery kits these days comprise arrow rests, extra arrows, armguard, and sight. These days, bows also come with adjustable draw lengths so that the tension can be adjusted easily. Similarly, the bows can be used by various age groups and come with varying ranges. 

There are also various arrow types to explore. However, most professional and proficient hunters prefer compound bows for trophy hunting. Some of the best compound bows come with various features that make the hunt thrilling. There’s really plenty of choices out there

Innovations such as a completely silent bow is no longer a strange occurrence. There are vibration absorbers present in bows to absorb the noise that the strings and cables would typically make. 

This makes hunting a seamless activity. With less noise being made, it is easier to come up on the prey without spooking them. 

Most European countries use hunting as a form of managing the game population. Some other countries ban it altogether due to concerns about endangered species while some others allow it on a small scale.    

In the US, bowhunting is closely monitored and regulated and these regulations differ from state to state.

 In countries like Australia, bowhunting is practiced without restraints. They do not have regulatory laws restricting the hunt. However, they do not allow native species to be hunted. 

In Africa, Zimbabwe is the only country that officially permits bow hunting. However, there are certain specifications pertaining to the arrow weights and the kind of bows allowed. 

For instance, only compound bows are allowed for hunting. Regulations such as these ensure that hunting is controlled. 

The Bottomline

In summary, bowhunting can be said to be a part of man and has always been. While it has evolved beyond just a means of survival, it is still ascribed the status that it once had. 

As a matter of fact, some people still consider their first kill an indicator of their ascension into manhood. This is simply personal sentiment, however, the fact remains that hunting is one part of man that cannot be taken away. 
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