Virtual reality- a new dimension to boost education

Virtual reality- a new dimension to boost education

Things you need to know about virtual reality’s contribution in learning to life

Mark is a student of class 7 and he has a best friend named PEKKA.
It is a character from the video game Clash of Clans and a product of virtual reality as well. A powerful character that has a very little relation with reality! But, he is Mark’s best friend. Mark has created an imaginary world where his best friend and he himself is reality and no one else. Hence, you can well understand how virtual world has surrounded us and especially the raising kids.

The world ‘Virtual’ is itself an imagination and people have less idea about it. Still, in this era of technological determinism, it has a lot of to bring learning in life.  Although, classroom tech is not a new thing and usage of computers and tabs are from ages. However, virtual reality is a new thing that has a lot to do in the changing face of education. It is a computer-generated simulation as people describe it. To put into a nutshell, using special electronic equipments, a three-dimensional image can be used and experienced physically by a person.

This is indeed an extraordinary up gradation of technology where people almost forget that it has been created and invented by human beings. Researcher Danny Pitter in his book stated that people are becoming so much dependable on the virtual reality, that they will quickly become slaves where technology will overpower them. Think about the day when no longer are humans hired by the companies and robots work! No No... It is not such negative as humans have the power to invent and again to demolish the same. Therefore, Virtual reality has found its space in the education system and it has brought a lot of changing aspects in it.

Before heading toward how virtual reality-based teaching is helpful for the students, it is also important to understand why such modern and advanced learning process is important.

Why Virtual reality is a necessity now?

Virtual reality is something which was a concept of sci-fi to us and we never thought that it could be so handy. But, when we have witnessed technological changes and accessed such up gradation, soon it became a necessity to us. Daniel Croog, a researcher on human psychology explained that humans are accustomed to changes every now and then but not every change is a necessity. It is hard to understand whether our need come first or the technology.

Nevertheless, virtual reality and modern technological advancement in education is needed because it can engage children in a productive process. When teenagers are becoming one after one victims of negativities like ‘blue whale game’, this is indeed a saviour. In getting addicted to the virtual world through various supernatural games can bring a negative impact on their psychology. Therefore, using virtual reality in educational purpose is very much beneficial. It makes the children’s mental health positive and also they get to learn a lot of new things that are knowledgeable.

Now, let us know what it its contribution in learning to life and how it can engage a lot of students:

Usefulness of Virtual Reality in education

Gone are those days when you just open your textbooks and read a paragraph to mug it up. Starting from project-based learning to virtual reality; technology has paced its progressive path everywhere. Therefore, the acceptability of technology is more now. It is an essential part of education because it has ensured students’ engagement in various activities. Have a look at how Virtual Reality is actually revolutionizing the educational system to a totally different dimension.

- Virtual reality ensures participation:- Research says that many of the students often do not participate in class because they are introvert. Moreover, some of them also have a fear of being unsuccessful or are very introvert. But, by introducing Virtual reality in the educational system, active participation of the students is assured, and a chance of healthy social interaction has also increased. So, this is the place where technology does not make people aloof from gatherings.

-  Virtual reality boosts confidence:- Any kind of practical implementation of the study book materials is challenging. So, it is often found that students do not participate in thinking that they won’t be able to complete the work. However, with VR activities, students get a scope to do something different which is also not so difficult. Therefore, with less fear of being also questioned failure, they take part in the activities. This actually boosts their confidence and helps them grow.

- VR helps in acquiring new concepts:- As it is a process of practical learning, There are different ways of working like field trips or language immersion, they are likely to learn a lot of things and then bring out new ideas of the same. There are indeed specific concepts that need practical knowledge and experience to understand. Thus, VR has brought such an angle to the learning to life process.

- VR games motivate students: - Gaming is something that every student would love to be a part of. Therefore, when virtual reality brings gaming in the learning process that motivates students to take part, play games, have fun and make the education an enjoyable process. The best part of this is students can release the burden and stress of the overloading syllabus.

- Innovation in rewarding:- Skills and potentials of various students should not be done by examinations only. In our year old tradition, only academic results were given priorities to judge what a student is capable of. However, in virtual learning process, it has been found that students are judged by the way they think or how creative they can be. Thus, rewarding is also done innovatively. Here, failure is not highlighted and neither ignored. It helps in boosting the mental health of the students.

These are the different ways that virtual learning has helped the educational system and cited a new path for learning to life. But, with different beneficial aspects of the same, there are also certain cons that you must know.

What hassles do virtual reality creates in education?

Although, most of the things are positive in virtual reality and it has a significant contribution to the learning process, here are certain drawbacks that you need to know. As you realize the cons, you can also help in overcoming the same.

- It’s too expensive: - Sometimes, the affordability factor can come up while using virtual reality in the learning process. Advanced technology needs a lot of money, and most of the schools or other institution cannot bear it. Therefore, it is only accessed by the students who are capable of taking such help.

- Boosts imagination but cuts off reality:- Although, a modern system in education is a much-needed thing, as students are children it can sometimes have an adverse effect. It is good to be imaginary and enhance creativity. But, you must not fly above the reality. Virtual reality can lead to this for some of the students.

- Technical glitches: - This is a common thing when you use technology for the modern learning system. Thus, it can be considered as a drawback in such a learning system. Such inconvenience can take place at any time.

These are some of the disadvantages, but this can be solved quickly. Thus, usage of virtual reality in the educational system can go for a productive accomplishment for sure.

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