Top 5 Health Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

Top 5 Health Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water
If your mornings start with a hot cup of tea or coffee, think again. This habit may harm your body over time.
Studies have long proved how both these beverages have side effects and cause more harm than good to the health.  
Why not rather choose something that is healthy, something that has only benefits, no side effects to worry about! After all, mornings are too special to be ruined like this. Plus, you should start the day with something that sets the tone in true sense.   
Why not try lemon water instead! Not because it’s all the rage these days but because it’s a healthier option to your usual caffeinate drinks. And yes, lemon and water is a purely natural thing which can bring tons of health benefits to you for sure.     

Here Are Top Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water

- Stay Hydrated

A fit and healthy body needs to stay hydrated through the day. That’s why doctors recommend drinking at least 6-8 glass of water on a daily basis. Plus, some of water to the body is also provided by the foods and drinks we consume. A lot of people however don’t like the bland taste of water, so they can definitely add lemon as a flavor and get a tastier beverage to drink. This is why, lemon water helps as you can drink them more and keep the body duly hydrated.

- Lower the risk of cardiovascular disease

Drinking lemon water could lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. You will also experience a reduced risk of stroke due to lower blood pressure. All this is possible because citrus fruits like lemon are high in vitamin C. And when this vitamin does not reach the body, your might be at a risk for heart attack. More so, lemon water could also work as an antioxidant which fights off damaging free radicals and keeps your skin younger and tauter. In addition, most citrus fruits are good for the immunity system.

- Improve your skin quality

Nobody like ageing. When you grow older, the skin will become drier with obvious presence of wrinkles all over. Studies however have confirmed that the use of vitamin C may reduce skin wrinkling. With lemon water, the quality of your skin will improve with less wrinkles and less dry skin to contend with. The more water you drink, the more your skin will get moisturized therefore making you face less chances of dry and wrinkle-prone skins. So, gulp down as much water as you could and keep the toxins away from the skin.

- Manage your weight

Lemon is always a top ingredient of a natural weight loss program. Maybe, that’s why, restaurants sever lemon water at most places, or our grannies and grandpas urge us to consume more of lemon. You too can benefit from the goodness and polyphenol antioxidants of lemons to reduce your weight over time. The beverage not only keeps you hydrated but also makes you feel full and perhaps, both these are the reasons behind its weight lost mechanism. In addition, you can also trust the drink to boost insulin resistance in the body.

- Freshen your breath

Lemon has always been a powerful stench remover. It neutralizes odors like no other kitchen items because it is natural. This same quality is used to fight off bad breath problems, and the remedy works big time. A glass of lemon water can make your breath sweeter, together with helping in saliva production in the mouth. And when saliva is there, food items, plaque and bacteria won’t find it favorable to stay inside the mouth. To know about the subject, you can consult a top dentist Sunnyside queens and take a step towards maintaining your oral health.
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