5+ Best Cars For Uber In Nigeria

Best Cars For Uber In Nigeria
The Uber business is getting more popular as days go by. You can be making as much as N150,000 month after an investment of N2,000,000, which means it is really worth investing in.
However, as with any business, you must know the must-dos before you will succeed in it.
One of the must-knows in the Uber business is that you should use a good car. The car you invest in, if it will serve you must be in perfect working condition, since you are not just like any other town service Taxi driver. It is in this case that people are looking for the best cars for Taxify in Nigeria, best cars for Uber in Nigeria and cars accepted by Taxify Nigeria.

What kind of car can I use for Uber in Nigeria? This is one of the most asked questions relating to Uber. We will write on the list of Uber accepted cars in Nigeria and Uber Nigeria car requirements 2018. The Uber Nigeria car requirements are not so plenty, but your car must be in good condition. As for the Uber accepted cars Nigeria and best car to use for Uber in Nigeria, the cars listed below are accepted. As we go down the post, we will answer the question, does Uber accept 2003 cars.
It is worth knowing that Uber accepts 2005 cars and above 4 doors cars. However I will advice you purchase a newer model of car, maybe 2007, 2008 or newer models to increase the cars lifespan on Uber. 

Factors To Consider When Choosing Car For Uber or Lyft

There are a few things you should consider when choosing a car for Uber, Taxify or Lyft in Nigeria.

Some of them include:

- Purchase cost

You might not have the money to afford a Limousine for Uber yet, so a Toyota or Honda vehicle will go for you. A good car for Uber can be gotten at N2,000,000 and you should consider getting a newer model, because Uber has a limit for age of car which you can use.

- Fuel consumption

If you are into the automobile industry, you will be familiar with the fact that some vehicles consume more fuel than the rest. For an Uber driver, you will always be in motion and so a high fuel consumption vehicle will not be a good choice.
Look for a vehicle that consumes less fuel and it will save you more money.

- Maintenance cost

Who would want to spend a million bucks in repairing a car's windscreen? Definitely not an Uber driver or Uber car owner. Invest in a car that wouldn't need so much to repair and maintain and it will be a better choice.

- Number of passengers

It is not a normal Nigerian town service vehicle where you can jam-pack people as you like and zoom off. Uber, Lyft and Taxify all have restrictions and so you should consider a vehicle that will take in more people to increase your profit.

- Model year

Uber accepts 2005 model cars,  as I have earlier said but you should consider investing in a newer model to increase the lifespan in the Uber industry.

- Resale value

It is true that car isn't land, and cannot be sold above the purchase value, but there are cars that have higher resale value than the others. You should consider getting those ones.

- Car air conditioner

You cannot bear the complaints of your passengers when your car's air conditioner isn't properly functioning. Save yourself that embarrassment and get a good car.

Best Cars For Uber Business

No matter how good a driver you are, without a good car, you will not get the best out of the career. To get the best out of the Uber business, you might need to consider any of these cars:

- Toyota Corolla

Best Cars For Uber In Nigeria
This is one of the best cars you can use for your Uber business in Nigeria. Even most of the companies use them as official vehicles, so why not Uber? The car has a 1.8 litre 4 cylinder engine which gives an average of 30 mpg. It also has an excellent sound system and air conditioner, which is just what your passengers deserve.
You will also have an awesome resale value in case you will need to resale it later in life.
The estimated price for a Toyota Corolla is N2.8 million for the Tokunbo and N1.8 million for the Nigerian used (2009 model).

- Toyota Yaris (Sedan)
Best Cars For Uber In Nigeria

The Toyota Yaris or better still Sedan is arguably the best car in the Uber line-up. It has a 1.5 litre 4 cylinder engine and gives you an average fuel consumption of 32 miles per gallon. It is amazing for city trips and has a moderate maintenance cost, which will help increase your overall earnings.
The interior is spacious enough to give you what you want, the engineers made it with a short bonnet and smaller engine. It also has a low belt-line which helps you sit high when in it.
It's estimated price is N2.5 million for Tokunbo and N1.5million for Nigerian used (2008 model)

- Honda City
Best Cars For Uber In Nigeria

This is not so popular, but is in most aspects similar to the Toyota Yaris in terms of its performance. It has a 1.5 litre 4 cylinder engine and an average fuel consumption of 32 miles per gallon. It is very reliable and the models between 2008 and 2013 can give you just what you want.
However, the Tokunbo isn't so readily available and so the best option is the Nigerian used.
The estimated prices are N2.65 million for a Tokunbo and N1.35 million for a Nigerian used (2009 model)

- Toyota Avensis
Best Cars For Uber In Nigeria

The Toyota Avensis has a variety of engine options - 1.8, 2.0 and the Camry’s 2.4 litre engine. However, it will be best you stick to the 1.8 litre engine because you're purchasing the car for business purposes. You should be expecting an average gas mileage of 27 miles per gallon on a 1.8 litre Avensis, and it is awesome for that.
It is slightly bigger than the Toyota Corolla and will make you feel better.
The estimated prices are N3.1 million for Tokunbo and N1.8 million for the Nigerian used (2008 model).

- Toyota Sienna
Best Cars For Uber In Nigeria

The Toyota Sienna can be purchased for about $20,000 and serves very well for the Uber purpose. With it's fuel consumption capacity of 25 miles per gallon (highway) and 18 miles pep gallon (city), it's a great choice for the Uber purpose.
However it has been known to have issues with the air conditioner and you should be prepared for that.
You can get the Tokunbo for N1.2million Naira.

Other awesome options

- Honda Odyssey
- Dodge Grand Caravan
- Lincoln MKT
- Mitsubishi Outlander
- Ford Explorer
- Land Rover LR3
- Toyota Highlander
- Cadillac Escalade
Most of these other options are not so common in Nigeria, so there is no need to talk much about them. The more affordable Uber vehicles can still do the job for you.

Cars You Should Not Use For Uber In Nigeria

For some reasons, there are a few cars you should not consider using for the Uber business in Nigeria. For example, the Toyota Camry. It's 2.4 litre engine will cost you more on fuel and you'd not want to subscribe to that. The Honda Civic also experiences some air conditioner issues and that will not be so cool for an Uber driver.
The Kia and Hyundai have expensive costs of maintenance and you should as well avoid them for that purpose.
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