Civic Education | Definition, Scope And Importance To The Nigerian Citizens

Importance of Civic Education
In this article we'll outline and discuss the definition and scope of civic education with its importance to the Nigerian citizens.
Civic Education is very essential in every democratic government as it stands like a key for unlocking a citizen's rights, duties and responsibilities. A citizen's knowledge of his will save him from a lot and keep him informed of his privileges.
Civic Education was introduced into the curriculum out of the federal government's urge to move the country to a greater height. The citizen's active participation in a country's democratic process accelerates the country's development.
Civic education is largely targeted on different groups in the society like schoolchildren and students, teachers, security forces, state and municipal employees, NGO activists, pensioners and prisoners.

Main Goals Of Civic Education

Civic Education acts as a formation of civil qualities that help a citizen in terms of getting new knowledge, skills and values that aid the individuals in solving certain emerging issues. It also helps a citizen in adapting to changes in the socio-economic and political world, representing and protecting their rights and interests, and also respecting the interests and rights of others.

Component Of Civic Education

The components of civic education include:
• Educating the citizens on their rights
• Development of inter sectoral social partnerships
• Teaching a culture of peace and tolerance
• Management of self-governing associations of citizens

Scope Of Citizenship/Civic Education

A good number of Nigerians are not aware of their fundamental rights, duties and responsibilities. These has separated them from the other citizens as they cannot actively participate in certain activities than influence Nigeria's political system. Many Nigerians are just focused on running their regular businesses and are less concerned about the Nigerian electoral system. They don't contest for political positions neither do they support/vote for the candidates.
Citizenship education helps in equipping the citizens with the basic knowledge of the constitution, the importance of good governance and benefits of participating in it. It also educates individuals on their basic rights and duties as Nigerian citizens.
Civic education also curtails the issue of conflicts and violence due to ignorance by breeding upstanding citizens. It informs individuals on the negative impacts of engaging in such behaviours to the progress of the country.

Importance Of Civic Education In Nigeria

Some importance of civic education to the progress Nigerian include:

• It enlightens the citizens

Civic education enlightens individuals on their fundamental rights, duties and obligations as Nigerian citizens. It also teaches them the benefits of participating in the democratic/development process of the country.

• It promotes democracy

Democracy in short is the government of the people, by the people and for the people. It is a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.
Civic education educates the citizens on the concepts, values and fundamentals of democracy to enable them partake in the decision-making process of moving Nigeria forward by exercising their rights in choosing the best leaders.

• Civic education educates the citizens on their civic responsibilities

Civic education helps in providing individuals with the basic knowledge that will help them in improving their stance in the society when it comes to exercising their rights in the democratic/development process of the country.

• It informs students on the roles of the various arms of government

Civic education helps in making the students aware of the roles of the three arms of government, the Executive, the Legislative and the Judicial. The Executive arm of Government, at the Federal level, consists of the President, the Vice-president and other members of the Federal Executive Council, while at the State level, it is made up of the Governor, the Deputy Governor and other members of the State Executive Council.
The Legislative arm of Government comprises of the Senate and House of Representatives while the Judicial comprises of the Supreme Court and lower Courts.
It also helps the citizens and students in knowing how the powers of the government are checkmated in a state.

• It reforms governance

Civic education helps in improving the wrong, corrupt and unsatisfactory practices in governance by the citizens' active participation in the state's democratic and political process. This is turn brings positive changes and growth to the democratic system of the nation.


Civic education is very important in enlightening citizens on their fundamental rights, duties and obligations as citizens. It also influences the citizens positively on the democratic and political process of the nation.
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