5 Consequences Of Disobeying Traffic Rules And Regulations

Consequences Of Disobeying Traffic Rules And Regulations
We have earlier discussed the five most neglected traffic safety rules, so in this post we'll be sharing some of the consequences of disobeying the traffic rules.
The fact that many drivers don't pay heed to the traffic become a tradition and is really affecting the safety of the general road users. Many drivers exhibit impatient and lack of attention while on the wheels and would want to pass through any little space irrespective of the other cars.
However, it's very essential for us to understand the rules and regulations governing the roads and the consequences of not observing these rules.
The rules are made to be kept. Below are some of the rules every motorist should keep to.

Road safety rules

Here are some road safety rules you should stick to whenever you are driving to ensure your safety and that of the other road users:
- Always keep to the left and allow the other vehicles coming in the opposite direction to pass
- Always slow down at turnings or bends
- Endeavor to know and obey traffic lights
- Do not drink while driving
- A motorist should move slowly and carefully when the road is congested
- Endeavor to must understand and follow road signs
- Drivers should maintain the appropriate distance between the vehicle and the one in front
- Drivers should avoid overtaking vehicles on the right-side of the road
- Avoid making or receiving calls while driving
- Endeavor to use your seat belts always
- Always maintain and remain within the set speed limit for the road in which you are traveling on especially within hospital and school areas

What Are Some Of The Consequences For Failing To Obey A Traffic Signal

There are many ill effects of not following traffic rules both as a motorist and as a pedestrian and we'll be sharing some of them.

- Road accident

This is the dread of every road user and can be avoided if the correct measures are taken.When accidents happen, people are usually left injured and in some severe cases,might result to the death of one or more of the victims.
In fact, in the best cases the cars spoilt and this is one of the severe consequences of not obeying traffic rules.

- Waste of money

If an accident occurs, many people's properties are usually left destroyed including the vehicles. Sometimes, the cars run into houses or shops worth millions and at the end of the day, you will see everyone wishing that the driver had been a little bit more careful.

- Arrest and punishment by the law enforcement agencies

If you are caught defaulting any of the traffic laws, you'll be arrested and depending on the degree, made to pay a fine or charged to court. There are different laws made available by the constitution for governing the usage of the roads and it is the responsibility of the road users to know them which can be taught by the traffic school. Remember, ignorance of the law is not an excuse.

- Traffic hold-ups

Remember that quote your teacher used to say when you were in school 'when everyone is talking, no one is talking', it also applies to the road users. When everyone is struggling to use the little available track first, you'll see that the'll end-up creating traffic hold-ups at the end of the day.
Although traffic hold-ups can also be caused by overpopulation and poor condition of the roads, impatience among the road users can also work as a factor.

- Quarrels among the road users

If you regularly use the roads, then these wouldn't be a new scenario to you. You'll see the drivers shouting at each other in and cursing in their native languages. This mostly occurs because of lack of care among the road users and can be avoided if the drivers become a little more careful and conscious of the traffic rules.
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