5 Most Neglected Traffic Safety Rules In Africa

Most Neglected Traffic Safety Rules In Africa
Driving can be very fun but it comes with a lot of traffic rules which are made for our safety.There are many effects of not obeying these traffic rules apart from the punishment from the law enforcement agencies, and accident is one of the major consequences.
Today, we won't be looking at the consequences of disobeying traffic rules and regulations but the five most neglected traffic rules in the different countries of Africa.

Effects Of Not Following Traffic Rules

There are many consequences of failing to obey the traffic rules and we'l be sharing some of them below.
- Road accidents
- Arrest and punishment by the law enforcement agencies
- Traffic hold-ups
- Destroying of goods and properties
see comprehensive list of 5 most neglected traffic safety rules in Africa.

List of the Most Neglected Traffic Rules

Traffic laws are done with care of the driver in mind true or false? Failure to comply with these traffic laws usually have severe negative impacts on the driver and in some cases, the other passengers. Checkout these most neglected traffic laws and know if you have been defaulting in any of them.

- Distracted Driving

This simply means any action that takes away the driver’s attention from concentrating on the traffic and roadway. Some common forms of distracted driving that people exhibit include:
  - Talking on the phone while driving
  - Texting/chatting while driving
  - Talking with passengers
  - Using the radio
  - Eating or grooming
Which of them are you guilty of?

- Not using the Car Insurance

The fact that many Africans don't see the services of the insurance companies as important is one of the challenges facing the insurance companies. Car insurance is a very important form of security for car accidents and can protect the both drivers in the case of an accident.

- Keeping to speed limit

Especially when the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) officials are not around, you'll see many drivers zooming their cars beyond the officially allowed speed limits, forgetting the fact that the limits where made for the safety of both the drivers and the pedestrians.

- Overtaking on a sharp bend

This is common in the rural areas and it's very bad. The drivers assume that the road ahead is free and just zoom on to over-take the person ahead.
What if you wait for 30 seconds to be sure before overtaking?

- Driving without seat belt fastened

This is another important safety rule I see many drivers ignore. Many people that use them just want to fulfill obligation or because of the FRSC.
But this is very important to you as a  driver and you should start using it today.
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