The Easiest Tips On How To Produce Hair Relaxer In Nigeria

The Easiest Tips On How To Produce Hair Relaxer In Nigeria
Hair relaxers sell well in Nigeria and other countries in Africa such as Ghana, Togo, South Africa and the rest of them.
I have seen South African male celebrities like the amazing Nasty C and a lot of the female ones,if not all on relaxed hair, which means they patronize them well there.
The reason for this is because we naturally have a kinky and strong hair. It's not the sun, our kinky hair has nothing to do with that because I have a few friends who were born and bred in the US by full Nigerian parents, yet they have this same hair I have.
Now, for females who'd love to retouch their hair and males who love to keep hair styles like Afro that require the hair is grown, then they need to apply a touch of relaxer.
There are a lot of brands as far as any product is concerned, and the hair relaxers are not different.
Some of the popular brands in Nigeria include Beva, Ozone, Ebony and 'Dark and Lovely'.

Do Relaxers Cause Hair Loss?

Generally, it has been proven that hair dyes,  relaxers and straighteners can aid in the damaging of the quality of our hair. Aside that, applying chemicals on your hair can also cause more damages and in some cases like that of the Luerine, they may burn the scalp.
This means that you should know the best relaxer for your hair growth, the best relaxer for the African hair, the best relaxer for soft or coarse hair and so on. If you need to soften your hair alone as a guy, I recommend something like Beva. Ozone is more intensive.

However, this is not what we want to discuss today. Today we're talking about the making of the relaxers, or at least you getting to know what your favorite relaxers are made of. In this present generation, there's hardly any lady that will lay claims of not having touched relaxer on their hair, at least once in life. The guys too are not left out especially when in their prime. We all do them to look good.
Hair relaxers have been existing for so many decades and they are used to make the hair 'relax' as the name implies. After the application, you can now with or without the use of a jail, make it to turn into your desired shape.

Just like any other product that is in high demand by both sexes, it usually becomes a hot cake. The hot demands for these relaxers have turned it into a considerable market, which means that you can also queue in if desired. There is a great hope of profitability. 
There are big companies that have made name in the industry, yes... but you too can join, either on a private or public basis. 

Equipment Needed To Start Relaxer Production Business In Nigeria

There are a few things you need to start producing relaxers either as a business or for you alone, and they include:
- Mixers: You would need this to mix the different ingredients together
- Stirrers: Stirrers help you to turn the mixture together, to avoid getting hurt by chemicals.
- Hydrometer: You use this to check the water density of the solution to make sure it isn't too thick or watery.
- pH: As usual, for checking the degree of acidity or alkanility of the solution.
- Heater or stove: You use wax, so a heater or stove will help you melt them.

Ingredients Needed To Produce Hair Relaxer In Africa

After getting the equipment, then you need to get your raw materials or ingredients. They include:
- Lanolin - 2.2kg
- Stearic acid - 50g
- Petroleum jelly - 15kgs
- Mineral oil - 12kg
- De-hydrated wax - 50kg
- Propylene glycol glycerin - 1kg
- Formalin - 0.5 liters
- Acetyl alcohol - 1.5kg
- Caustic soda - 1.9kg
- Butylparaben - 0.2kg
- Water - 44 liters

What Are The Procedures For Making Hair Relaxer?

The making of relaxers is not as easy as you think, and not as difficult as you think either. After bringing together the ingredients and their equipment, then you are a good way into it.

We will talk about the easiest way to make hair relaxer now:

- Put the mixer on the stove or heater.
- After that, put the petroleum jelly in the mixer.
- Stay for like 20 seconds and add Lanolin.
- Next, you put the acetyl alcohol, stearic acid and de-hydrated wax. Stir the mixture with your stirrer.
- The mixture will be dissolving already, add the mineral oil but don't let the heat to be too much. This is why you need a heat source that you can regulate. Allow for around 3-4 minutes so they dissolve and become homogeneous in nature.
- Get another mixer, mix the caustic soda with a little quantity of water and split the solution into two.
- Also mix the propylene glycol and butylparaben and divide into two.
- Now take another mixer, add a little water and dissolve the formalin inside it.
- Add one portion of the solution into your mixture of butylparaben and propylene glycol, then put them on the heat source and heat slowly until they dissolve totally.
Now bring them down and allow to cool.
- Pour the mineral oil mixture into the mixture we just talked about.
- When the temperature gets to 45°C, turn off the heat, bring down your mixture and pour into the dissolved formalin.
- Pour the remaining two caustic soda solutions into this mixture and stir with your stirrer, then allow to cool.
- When they have cooled down, put them in the container.

Congrats you just made your first hair relaxer. You can now use them or sell as desired, please not that some of the ingredients like caustic soda are highly corrosive and can burn the scalp if applied in large quantity.
Newbies can always soak it in water for about 24 hours before producing, then it will be less corrosive.

Repeat this steps in any ratio to produce different quantities.
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