The Easiest Guide On How To Produce Hair Cream In Nigeria

How To Produce Hair Cream In Nigeria
Earlier today, we had published a post on how to produce hair relaxer in Nigeria. The post is doing very well and so we decided to write another post on the production of hair products, but this time not hair relaxer but hair cream.

Hair creams are one of the hottest body products, as far as market value is concerned. Whether you are learning how to make hair cream for sale, or how to make hair cream for hair growth (personal use), it is still profitable to you. I'm saying this because unlike the hair relaxer which we earlier produced, there are no religious bodies that are against the use of this product.
Aside this, we will also talk about how to produce hair cream treatment in Nigeria, or the medicated hair creams. However that will be for another day.

One of the major reasons why people use hair products is that it enhances their personal appearances, which in turn builds the personality and self confidence. It also makes the hair soft, which helps in the combing of the hair and also many other wonderful reasons.
Some of the most popular brands of hair creams are the Apple Hair Cream and the SoulMate.
You can make hair creams for your personal use, and you can also sell them to make more money. It is very easy, we'll show you in few steps.

How To Produce Hair Creams In Nigeria

Before you begin to produce hair creams in Nigeria, among the things you must put into good consideration are:
- Proper marketing of the product: By this, I mean you should market the product very well, and you can even consider making use of these free advertisement sources. This is probably the most important step in marketing.
- Neat packaging: I love GT Bank so well because of their neat packaging, their bank staff and buildings all sparkle and you know, things like that. It is like that everywhere, if you want to sell well, then you should package your products well.
- Make quality products: You should make your products neat enough to beat your competitors own. However, before thinking of beating competitors, think of satisfying your consumers first!

What Are The Requirements For Producing Hair Cream In Nigeria

The raw materials are all handy in the market and can be sourced easily.
We'd be using:
- Wax - 0.2kg
- Paraffin oil - 1.8kg
- Petroleum jelly - 1kg
- Lanolin - 0.4kg
- Colourant as desired
- Industrial perfume as desired

After getting these items, the next step is to start the making of the hair cream. We'd break it down into very simple steps so that everyone can follow.
Whether you are looking for how to make hair cream for sales, or the hair cream production formula, or the ones you will use for your family, they are all from this steps.

Steps To Take In Producing Hair Cream In Nigeria

The procedures are not difficult and we will see them:
- You have to first light up your heat source ie stove or cooker and place a large container on it, a pot will serve to help you mix in it.
- After that, you pour in the paraffin oil.
- Let it stay on the fire for three minutes and then you put some petroleum jelly.
- Wait for around 5 minutes, then you add your Lanolin and carefully stir.
- Turn off your heat source the mixture.
- Add perfume as desired into the mixture.
- Lastly, add your desired colorant and stir steadily until it acquired your desired texture.
Your hair cream is ready to be packaged. Bring out some containers for packaging, use a scoop to fill them up and keep.
If you are making hair cream to sell, I'd advise you to first give your neighbors, friends and/or relatives to check it out. This is to make sure they give their negative remarks and not your final consumers.
Also, if you'd like to go into industrial production of hair creams, then first consider making it in little quantity for your perfection and when setting price, try to be a little attractive because you are still new.
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