How To Receive Jvzoo Affiliate Payments In Nigeria

How To Receive Jvzoo Affiliate Payments In Nigeria
JvZoo no doubt is one of the biggest foreign affiliate networks in Nigeria you can use to make huge money.
However, most times especially to starters the question asked will always be how do I receive my earning in Nigeria.
Well, we will be diving into the details in a bit. If you are still new to what Jvzoo might be and how it operates I will be refreshing your mind a bit on how it works, how to sign up to become an affiliate, and finally how to receive money here in Nigeria.

What is JvZoo?

JvZoo marketplace affiliate as the name implies is an affiliate network where you can promote tons of products of any of your choice and make a great earning.  Unlike other affiliate networks like ClickBank that you sign up and immediately you get accepted, for Jvzoo your patience is highly needed here. (Don’t laugh hard but that’s the truth).
Upon signing up you have got to exercise patience and allow them to take their time and approve your registration. Meanwhile, it doesn’t take long just a few days and you are in. The great thing is it doesn’t need much requirement, unlike some other affiliate networks that might require some proof of earning of previous affiliate networks before they get you in. 
While this is true, your account might go through a rigorous process if it will be accepted by a specific vendor before your account can be approved. But most times this is usually a rare case. 
Less I forget to say these; while Jvzoo might be an awesome affiliate program to heed to, some product vendors will always demand a proof of your previous sale before they can accept you to promote their product. Every vendor under Jvzoo has its specific pattern of the kind of people to promote their product and how you can promote these products. 

How to receive Jvzoo affiliate payment in Nigeria

No matter how You try to be convinced to join this affiliate program; you can attest to the fact that one question that lingers in your mind is “after promoting how do I get paid here in Nigeria”.
Well, Jvzoo accepts only one form of payment which is PayPal. And it will immediately be integrated to your account once you sign up. This is done so that Jvzoo automatically get access to your account. So that in cases when a buyer asks for a refund they can send it back even without your consent. In other to retain their customer's fan base. After all, Customers are always right
So before you leave this page to go sign up for JvZoo, get a PayPal in Nigeria that can receive payments. Obviously, this is one truth we don’t like hearing as Nigerian because it’s obvious we are mostly restricted to most of this payment platform which PayPal is not an exception.
So there you have it to receiving your payments from Jvzoo affiliate network.
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