Tips On How To Maintain Your Website's Domain Authority/Page Authority

Tips On How To Maintain Your Website's Domain Authority/Page Authority
Why is it so important to increase and maintain domain authority of your website? 
Increasing DA/PA of your website can become a key reason to increase the ranking of your website on search engine. Sometimes it is noticeable that sites with high DA appear way above than sites with low DA even if they have much more interesting and catching content.
The value of your DA increases with the age of the domain. You can check your sites DA/PA website authority checker.

How to maintain website DA/PA?

Top tips to maintain and improve DA/PA

- Writing quality content

To engage the viewers and interest their needs is the basic need for a web page. And to do that, you must provide the quality content which is helpful for the users and avoid marketing of your products over and over. Visitors are like hunters looking for quality prey and will only spend time on the best meal. Now, the best content will make your visitor stay for a longer time on your page thus increasing the worth. Viewers will spend time and share on content with others as well. This will strengthen your site with huge traffic as well.

- Bounce rate

Bounce rate effects a lot on your web page. Bounce rate can be explained as a specified time which a viewer spends on your page and leaves for another. Keeping a check on this can let you track your mistakes that if there is high bounce rate. You can ask for feed backs and see why there is such a high bounce rate and research how to solve it to maintain your site’s authority. Provide quality content and solutions regarding trending situations or the nature of your web page to eliminate the issue of high bounce rate.
Also, internet linking decreases the bounce rates as well.

- On-page SEO

This is a very helpful practice to maintain your web page SEO. This is basically a practice to improve your site’s quality and taking out the errors.
- Loading time can be explained as the calculated time in which a site loads. It affects highly over your DA rank. Maintaining it can strengthen your domain authority.
-Headings are important and to highlight the key points in tags (h1, h2, h3) will provide a good quality searching and may result in high ranking.
- Meta description is very important to be filled with your focus keyword in the description. It’s highly effective in a way that Google actually checks the tag for meta description. So never leave it blank.
- Image Optimization is a procedure which pushes your ranking to limits. Providing visual material for the explaining is very helpful for the viewer and Google to verify it as a quality step. So keep this in mind as the base of your content.
- The title is important and using your focus keyword in your title will thus increase a chance of better search results.

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- Social media

Sharing your content on social media and asking for feedback actually help you a lot in increasing ranking of your domain. Providing backlinks to high rated web sites and blogs, Guest posting on huge ranking forums and post helpful material on high DA scored sites will increase your rank to the sky. But it takes time so be patient and keep providing quality.
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