6 Amazing Tools Bluehost Gives Customers That Other Web Hosting Companies Don't

6 Amazing Tools Bluehost Gives Customers That Other Web Hosting Companies Don't
BlueHost is one of the biggest hosting companies in the world and it's recommended for WordPress websites.
It is popularly loved by over 2 million users all over the world because of it's amazing offers and services and we'll be listing some of them below. If you are already a blogger or planning to create one anytime in the future, it'll be great if you check out some of these benefits of BlueHost over other hosting companies.

6 Extra Tools Bluehost Gives To Their Customers

- Mailing Lists

Most individuals check their emails on a daily basis so email marketing is a very nice marketing strategy. In fact, a well-targeted email has a greater potential of convincing a customer when compared to the social media platforms.
Having a mailing list is a great tool for acquiring new customers and keeping the old ones coming back. However,  one mistake most bloggers make is purchasing emails from other bloggers, forgetting that most of the emails get caught up in the spam folders.
You can offer your visitors a free product that you'll have to deliver to their emails.
A good email should have a:
  - Confirmed Opt-In: This is to ensure that only people that want to receive your emails get to receive them. You can tell them to click on a link that will be sent to their mail boxes to complete their subscription. It will also help you to make sure your emails don't get caught up in the spam folders.
  - One-Click Unsubscribe: Unsubscribing should be very easy or else you might risk going to their spam lists. The link should be included in every link and unsubscription should be very easy.
  - Identify Advertisements: Emails that promote paid services must be clearly identified as  advertisements.
  - Clear and Concise Subjects: The subject of the mail should clearly explain the subject of the mail.
  - Identification: Endeavor to use accurate "From," "To," and "Reply-To" information in the headers so that the recipients will know that it's you. You can also include your contact details like P.O Box and phone numbers.

- Poll and survey applications

Using of polls and surveys is a great of collecting consumer data and their opinions on your products.
Bluehost offers their customers poll and survey applications that are easily added to their Web site at no extra charges.
Polls are also great for previewing new products and knowing your customers opinions on your products and services.

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- Multi-media tools

Do you want to use tools like Shockwave, Flash animations, Midi or Real Audio on your website? Relax Bluehost got you covered. Bluehost is one of the few web hosts that support edge multi-media applications at no extra cost. Currently, they are running a $3.35 monthly web hosting promotion for their new customers.

- Image galleries

Instead of purchasing extra hosting spaces for your images, BlueHost integrates galleries into your webpages without having to send your visitors to another website. One advantage of keeping your photos in BlueHost image galleries is that the images will be protected from being used without your permission.

- SSL Certificate

BlueHost provides free Secure Sockets Layer to its users at no extra cost. in most cases, the SSL certificates will be automatically assigned and installed to the domains, however when otherwise, you'll have to do it manually.
Just follow the steps below to activate yours:
  - Log into your Bluehost control panel.
  - Click the Addons tab.
  - Locate SSL Certificates, and click on the learn more button.
  - Click the get started button under WordPress Free SSL.
  - Click the Install button.
That's amazing right?

- Help and Support Ticket System

When your customers encounter issues while accessing your services, BlueHost makes it easy for them to submit support tickets and access you help. They'll give your consumers a free help ticket system for submitting the forms directly to you. They'll also receive a confirmation and be able to check back to see if their problems have been solved.

In conclusion, BlueHost is an amazing hosting platform and we have used it for many of our clients, for different types of websites and blogs including e-commerce shops. You can visit the website to create an account today and start enjoying the benefits.
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